Hiking in Benidorm

Beaches, sun, but also mountains. Benidorm is one of the ideal destinations to enjoy the sun and sand, but also to enjoy nature. Both the town and the area called Marina Baixa hide amazing natural beauty, so why not grab your backpack and boots and discover each and every one of them.

A region that from its highest peak offers the best views of Benidorm, Altea, Albir, the Rock of Ifach in Calpe and its surroundings, and of course the Mediterranean coast.

The Puig Campana, Sierra de Aitana, Monte Ponoig and mountains Sierra Bernia are here waiting for you to discover them. Not forgetting Sierra Helada, formed by an impressive relief that rises abruptly from the flat Benidorm, Declared the first Marine Park Land of Valencia, to combine sea and mountains has never been easier. With 300 metre cliffs and more than 5,600 hectares and rises majestically behind the mediterranean with an abundance of flora and fauna. With many routes for the walker to choose from, there are routes that suit all levels of experience.

From the Cruz de la Sierra, with the best views of Benidorm, one of the most popular postcard images of the town are obtained, while from the lighthouse Albir takes centre stage with the most spectacular views of the Bay of Altea and Calpe. You must not forget your camera!

We offer some of the most important routes in this area... to get you walking!


Sierra Helada:

1. Punta del Cavall - Punta de Escaleta

The route starts at the end of the Levante beach from the Street called Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana, via the paved road we will proceed straight up, passing to the left which will lead us to the cross. We then carry on until we find the detour which descends to the viewing point of the Punta Llisera and the Tio Ximo cove.

The Tio Ximo cove is in a small and quiet location with crystal clear waters. Along the cove we can see the old ocher mines that were once in use.

Back on the road and to the right handside we will head to the Punta del Cavall, where there is a 17th century watchtower. From here we can see some of the most spectacular views of Benidorm and of the cliffs of Sierra Helada and L'llla Mitjana.

Length: 5,2 km (Round Trip)

Duration: 2h- 2h 30 min

Maximum slope: 75 m

Accesibility: Road suitable for trekking, cycling and wheelchairs

Dificulty level: Low


Route in Benidorm

2. La Cruz

This path is signposted from the Tourist Information Point of the Rincon de Loix (located in Gerona Street with Av. Derramador). From this location, you can choose between two paths. It is possible to start from the Berlin Street (at the end of the Av. Mediterranean) or take the Hamburg Street and turn at the first crossing to the left.

The climb begins relishing the beautiful views across the coastline to the island of Benidorm, then keep climbing up to the road where you will finally reach the cross.

Without a doubt, a journey in which you mustn't forget to take your camera to capture the best views of Benidorm.

Lenght: 5 km (round trip)

Duration: 3 h

Maximum slope: 237 m.

Accesibillity: For trekking, cycling and cars.



3. Crossing of Sierra Helada

The route starts at the entrance of Albir's Natural Park (Alfaz Del Pi) with a steady climb in zigzag that starts with a stone path, at the end of the path you will reach the highest point of Sierra Helada (438 m) where there is a telecommunications station.

Your journey continues down a paved road and halfway you will find an area where there is a small section of pine trees, ideal for a rest and take in the beautiful views of the L'llla Mitjana. The last stretch before reaching the cross takes you via a network of paths that once again show you the impressive views, as well as letting you observe the local wildlife. Finally we reach the cross and its descent to Benidorm.

Lenght: 8 km (one way)

Duration: 4h - 4h 30 min

Maximum slope: 438 m

Accesibillity: Only for trekking

Dificulty level: Moderate – high


Sierra Helada in Benidorm

4. The Albir Lighthouse - El Faro

This route runs through the area of Sierra Helada of Albir (Alfaz Del Pi). The route which is well signposted is easy to follow.

The walker follows this well paved and clearly marked path towards the lighthouse El Faro. First you come to a recreational area with shaded tables where you can enjoy a picnic, as you continue you will come across the Cala del Metge (Doctors Cove) or continue onwards. You cannot miss the lookout spot, which provides impressive views of Albir, Calpe and the Peñon de Ifach. From the looking spot you carry on towards the tunnel in the mountain where you can find another small viewing point. Not to be missed is a natural cavity called Boca de Balena (whales mouth).

Lenght: 5 km (Roundtrip)

Duration: 1h 30 min

Maximum Slope: 112 m

Accesibility: Road suitable for trekking, cycling and wheelchairs

Dificulty Level: Low


Other routes:

1. Climbing Puig Campana mountain

The route begins at the Coll del Pouet, which ascends to 882 meters in altitude. Once at the top there are various tracks you can take. On this occasion we take a Southeast direction, skirting the Puig Campana (not to be mistaken by taking the route to the left which leads to the Font Solsida). Soon the path becomes a trail of stones; turn right on the path towards the Southwest.

The path gradually gains in height diagonally.

Later, the hiker reaches a rocky area and then a woodland of holm oaks. Finally reaching a slope, which is called the Collado del Bancal del Moro situated at 1280 meters altitude.

From this area, we can head east, taking in the wonderful views of Finestrat and the Mediterrean Sea. Continue walking approximately 900 meters from the Bancal del Moro, you will reach the summit of Puig Campana, which is approx 1410 meters above sea level.

Return by the same path. Extreme the caution with the slips in the most volatile areas and avoid taking shortcuts or lower in the prairies, accelerating the erosion.

Lenght: 12 km (Round trip)

Duration: 3h 15 min

Accesibillity: Only for trekking

Dificulty Level: Medium


2. Puerto de Tudons - Aitana Mountain

This route runs through the Northern part of Aitana, with a summit of 1,558 meters, it is characterized by ravines.

The route starts at the Puerto de Tudons (Alcoleja). From this point, the hiker must take the road towards Alcoleja until he reaches a piece of land close to a military base. Continuing along this road you will reach the Font de L'Arbre and later arrive at the Font of the Forata. Continue up the path and you will have reached the summit, where you can then begin the descent of the ravine that connects the top of Aitana with the Font of the Forata.

Lenght: 9,5 Km (Round trip)

Duration: 3h 30 min

Accesibillity: Only for trekking

Dificulty Level: Medium


3. Bernia

This mountain with a length of 9 km between the Algar's valley river and Mascarat's ravine, divides the Marina Alta and the Marina Baixa. In it, is the Mascarat, a huge and spectacular rocky ravine which reaches the highest point of Bernia (1126 meters).

The route begins at Font del Garrofer (Altea La Vella). The hiker takes a steep path which leads up to Les Penyes ravine, from there the trail goes between abandoned crop patches which then lead to a recreational area. Continuing on you will reach the beginning of a circular trail. To walk this trail you must go in the direction of Font Bernia, which are the ruins of an old fortress, following the trail you will arrive at Casas de Bernia, Font de Bernia and El Forat. Finally passing through the Forat, you will once again be back at the circular trail.

Lenght: 15,2 km (Round trip)

Duration: 4h 35 min

Accesibillity: Only for trekking

Dificulty Level: Low


4. Polop – Mount Ponoig

The mount Ponoig is one of the most important of the Marina Baixa and stands out for its reddish walls with drops of almost 500 meters.

The trail begins in Polop. At this starting point there is a vertical signpost showing the direction to take along the trail. On the trail goes along the Gulapdar ravine, continuing up between mount Cabal and mount Ponoig towards Casa de Dios, continue along the trail and you will reach the summit of mount Ponoig.

Lenght: 8,5 km (Round trip)

Duration: 3h 35 min

Accesibillity: Only for trekking

Dificulty level: Medium


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