Hiking in Benicasim

Benicassim is synonymous with hiking, for its many routes offering great scenic beauty. Among the most outstanding are 11 hiking trails through the desert of the palms, where you can enjoy the best views and contrasts of the area.


Route 1: Bartolo from Convento Desierto Las Palmas, passing through the “Mas Huget”

Departing from the Desert Convent of Las Palmas. Climbing towards the so-called High Portería, from there you take the path leading to the Pobla Tornesa track, then continue until you reach the "Coll de la Mola", from there you go to the Bartolo mountain following the marks of the PR that go through the "Mas de Huget" from where you see the Cruz del Bartolo and the Hermitage of "Sant Miquel". The descent is via a path that connects with the paved road that leads back to the beginning of the route.

Duration: 3h 14min

Distance: 6,98km

Gradient: 406m

Ascent levels: 237/722

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 2: Bartolo from Convento Desierto Las Palmas:(option to go crest walking from the "Coll de la Mola")

An Interesting route with beautiful views, but with many ups and downs. Leaving from the Carmelite Convent to the High Lodge and the track of the Pobla Tornesa, until you reach the "Coll de la Mola" once there take the option of crest walking through the "carena". You then have a steep climb along the mountain divide until reaching the Cruz del Bartolo, along the asphalted track to the chapel of "Sant Miquel", and then go down the path on the left until you reach the paved road that will take you to the beginning of the route.

Duration: 3h 17min

Distance: 6,92km

Gradient: 388m

Ascent levels: 417/721

Difficulty: Hard


Route 3: Al Bartolo and la ermita de “Les Santes” from the Convento del Desierto de las Palmas

Departing from the Convent of Las Palmas towards Portería Alta. Continuing along a rough path at first and then asphalt, which will take you to the top of Bartolo, after seeing the Hermitage of "Sant Miquel" you will then go to the "Alt de Colomer" to end in another track that will take you to the hermitage of " les Santes "you then go up to the area of the Bartolo peak, from where you start the descent to the paved road that will take you to the beginning of the route.

Duration: 4.54h

Distance: 15km

Gradient: 785m

Ascent levels: 268/718

Difficulty: Hard


Route 4: A la Pobla de Tornesa to the Convento Desierto de las Palmas

Leaving from the Convent Desierto las Palmas towards the High Portería, continue along a path that connects with the Pobla Tornesa. After passing through the "Font de la Mola" and the detour of "Mas de Huget" you arrive at the "Coll de la Mola del Morico". Continuing down the same track until you reach the town, to return follow the marks of the trail PR-CV-422 and once in the "Coll de la Mola" you will return by the same path of the initial part of the route.

Duration: 3h 55min

Distance: 12,58km

Gradient: 406m

Ascent levels: 286/538

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 5: Castillo Montornés from Centro Interpretación Desierto de las Palmas

Departing from the Centro de Interpretación del Desierto de las Palmas on the road that goes up towards the Convent, continuing up the road where you will find a niche of religious nature, then taking the path that goes directly to the Castle of Montornés to climb the Round Tower, you will go back down and towards the lower part of the castle to see a Muslim water system that is usually the end of the excursion. However, it is recommended that you climb a path of some technical difficulty to reach the castle Albacar, an esplanade that takes you to the top of the castle or citadel where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape the return journey is by the same road at the beginning of the route.

Duration: 40min

Distance: 2,29km

Gradient: 130m

Ascent levels: 430/497

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 6: Al Castillo de Miravet from la Fuente del Perelló

Departing from near the Fuente del Perelló, you go up the track towards the rest area of Los Madroños until you reach the path that comes from the "Mas de Moltó", follow the path that will take you to the base of the castle. You then enter the ruins of the castle through the arches and continue towards the highest part of it, next to the ruins of the castle on the slope of the road to Cabanes you will also find the remains of what was a church and a village. To return you will do by the same path until the beginning.

Duration: 59min

Distance: 2,3km

Gradient: 194m

Ascent levels: 124/305

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 7: Las Fuentes del Desert. Font de Sant Josep, Font de Roc, Font Tallada, Font de Sant Josep

Here you start the tour at the Mirador de Sant Josep, from the well you will see the natural spring, you then take the path on the left, a few meters away you will find the hermitage of Montserrat, continue following the path on the left to reach the Font de Roc, after enjoying its waters, you then continue your journey along a small path that takes you to the asphalt road of Miravet ravine. Then take the track on the right and at 600 meters you will find the Font Tallada, from where you can also admire the Agulles de Santa Àgueda, from there you will see a sign that will indicate the return to the Font de Sant Josep.

Duration: 3horas 13 min

Distance: 7,87km

Gradient: 281m

Ascent levels: 243/466

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 8: A la “Font Tallá” from Benicassim

From Benicassim you need to take the CV-147 road that will take you to the Desert de les Palmes nature park. After crossing the motorway bridge on the right there is a path for you to follow until you find a sign indicating for you turn left. The path finishes at the road that runs through the ravine of Miravet, where you take the asphalted road until reaching the Font Tallada, from where you can observe the Agulles de Santa Águeda, to return you need to take the same path which leads you back to the beginning.

Duration ida/vuelta: 2h 30 min

Distance: 7,8km

Gradient: 250m

Ascent levels: 19/416

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 9: Circular itinerary through the hermitage of les Santes

Departure from the back of the hermitage of "Les Santes" in the direction of the Pobla de Tornesa where you will see paledozoic formations of slate, which is more than 230 million years old. Leaving the track of La Pobla de Tornesa and turn left, continue along the path until you reach a track, where you turn left and return again to the hermitage of "Les Santes".

Duration: 1horas 39h

Distance: 4,15km

Gradient: 172m

Ascent levels: 243/403

Difficulty: Easy


PR-CV 397.1, The roundtrip to the Agujas de Santa Águeda

Exit in front of the Parish Church of Benicàssim, towards the public school, Sta Agueda bordering above the railway line. Cross the tunnel of the AP-7 motorway until you reach the asphalt road of Miravet, join the path that will lead you to the hill known as El Rojal. Here you will start the descent from the cairn, turn right and at the second crossroads, turn left to look for the path "Els Corvarxos" where you will go to an agricultural farm and take the asphalted road that after passing two tunnels will take you back to the town.

Duration: 3h y 35min

Distance: 10,01km

Gradient: 441m

Ascent levels: 9/402

Difficulty: Moderate


Route 11: PR CV 397.2, The short option for the base de las agujas

The shortest version of the PR that leaves the Fuente del Señor, in the center of Benicasim. This starts at the cemetery, you then continue on the paved road and turn left at the height of a greenhouses. Then join dirt track which goes up and narrowing to become a path. In the highest part you will take the variant called "El Reboll". At the height of the corral de la Comba ruins, turn left towards Benicassim and take the path to the beginning of route 10 in the opposite direction.

Duration: 2h y 28min

Distance: 6,89km

Gradient: 237m

Ascent levels: -3/205

Difficulty: Easy



Consult here the PDF for the routes.



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