Golf in Orihuela Costa

Golf, sun and sand, a combination that makes Orihuela the perfect location for golfing. Fourteen nearby courses make the Hotel Servigroup La Zenia the ideal place to combine sport in a great holiday destination.

Given the wide range and quality of existing courses in the area, you can choose the physiognomy of the route that best suits the golfers profile, satisfying the needs of the most demanding players.


Courses in Orihuela area

1. Real Club de Golf Campoamor

Considered one of the best courses in the Mediterranean, which hosts annually a competition named after HRH D. Juan de Borbón Count of Barcelona. Designed by Gregorio Sanz and Carmelo García and opened in 1988, this offers beautiful surroundings with difficult courses for experienced players and simpler for the learners. The course is located in a beautiful natural setting formed by two valleys surrounded by hills and lush greenery, with a distance of 6277 metres and 18 holes, par 72.


2. Las Colinas

Enjoy a unique experience in Las Colinas, a place to play and rest and enjoy a wonderful day. The golf course is situated in a valley between hills, with wide fairways, large greens, and numerous tees on each hole, suitable for important competitions. This course is entertaining and fun. The course has 18 holes par 71 and also has a golf academy, putting green, approach area and driving range of natural grass.


3. La Marquesa Golf

A comfortable course located in a flat valley between the mountains, and sheltered by a microclimate. La Marquesa has an uncomplicated layout without excess difficulties being a flat broad and spacious course, alternating long and short holes.

Fairways are non sloping and fairly easy but the green probably present the most challenge with prominent sleeps and undulations although they are quite large and clearly visible. The course has numerous bunkers and 4 water hazards, three of which can play a decisive role in each round.

Overall the course is not excessively demanding although here are some tough holes to contend with.


4. La Finca Golf

One of the modern and most innovative courses in the region, with a spectacular layout, and was designed to host top competitions. The course has 19 holes, one of which is always reserved on standby for unforeseen circumstances Fairways are not too much of a problem, being broad, long and with out too much of a slope.

The most attractive challenge are the greens, which are unique in the area being well designed, original and presenting lots of variety, most raised above the fairways. There are numerous bunkers and most water hazards are in the central area of the course. Overall the course is well balanced and demands great technical ability.


5. Las Ramblas

Located in a hilly area in the depths of a valley, this is a medium size length course, complicated with natural obstacles and the characteristic river bed terrain and water hazards making this a challenging course requiring a high level of skills. Fairways are comfortable except for the tree lined rough and sloping terrain. Greens are small with pronounced contours and slopes, but require precision due to the influence of breezes and out of bound areas. There are only 12 bunkers as the course makes more of the natural obstacles.

Few courses in the region require so much precision, due to the difficulties presented by the natural obstacles.


6. Lo Romero Golf

Lo Romero is a special golf course, carefully designed and adapted to the Mediterranean landscape and vegetation, making it very pleasant to play here. The 18th hole has a  green that is an island in the middle of a lake.

It seems a simple shot just crossing the lake however the fear of a shot too long or too short ending up I the water, adds to the adrenalin as you are before a stimulating challenge


7. Club de Gold Villamartín

This is the oldest course in the region, designed to adapt the irregularity of the landscape.

It is located in the lowest area of a valley with few undulations but with a lot of variety.

The fairways are broad and comfortable and there are not too many hazards except for the green approaches. The greens have the only undulations on the course, they are smooth and fast protected by bunkers on the course, making them quite tough. The course can be played well by most players regardless of handicap.


8. Vistabella Golf

Vistabella golf has convenient facilities and easy access to all areas of the complex. It has an interesting design combining all the holes on a 18 holes course. The course is designed adapting to different each player’s level. The 11 holes allow golfers to play 18 holes, Par 73. It has been designed according to the principles of a modern course, with 4 spacious tees for each hole, wide fairways and raised bunkers. Its integration into its natural surrounding and responsible use of resources have made Vistabella golf more than just a golf course, achieving a unique landscape with more than 34 hectares covered in autochthonous species of Mediterranean trees and bushes.



Courses in Murcia

1. El Valle Golf

El Valle Golf Resort is a desert course demanding accuracy, not power. A medium-length, par 71 golf course, is situated in a beautiful natural desert valley.

The golf course has been created with grouped holes to offer a more open and natural golf experience and, rather than length, the course relies on numerous subtle strategic elements to challenge golfers. Players are rewarded for daring and courageous shots.

El Valle Golf Resort features clusters of smaller, more subtly shaped bunkers and takes full advantage of its desert setting with numerous holes playing adjacent to naturally existing rock-outcroppings and ridges. To further enhance the desert theme, the golf course will be landscaped with many species of native shrubs, grasses and other desert plants. Complemented with a number of water features, including two lakes and two elaborate stream and waterfall systems, this is the perfect course for developing any player’s strategy.


2. Hacienda del Alamo

An amazing golf course which is a design masterpiece of work by Dave Thomas, who can proudly say that this is a no limits design where the golf course was the key factor. It is considered one of the best courses in Europe.


3. Roda Golf

A golf course with construction specifications are to the highest standards.

Dave Thomas has cleverly shaped the previously flat landscape into an interesting and undulating golfing terrain that is pleasing to the eye and provides an interesting and challenging test of golf. The design incorporates 3 strategically located lakes and a great deal of emphasis has also been placed on integrated tree planting and landscaping. The overall result is a course we are sure you will enjoy and it is our intention to further develop all aspects of Roda Golf and Beach Resort to create one of the best all round facilities in Spain.


4. La Torre Golf Resort

A fun course for novices and experts alike The La Torre Golf Resort golf course is the second Jack Nicklaus project in Nicklaus Golf Trail, the only circuit of its size in the world. Open since the middle of 2006, it covers over 55 hectares in spite of being a par 68. The strategically placed bunkers ensure players are kept entertained.

La Torre Golf Resort features over five hectares of elaborately sculpted bunkers which help separate the holes, create strategic interest and added shot values. Of important note is the intelligent sprinkler system which can tell when a part of the course needs watering, thereby saving water. All this is bathed by three lakes and accompanied by lush surroundings. The shorter length of La Torre Golf Resort makes the golf course more playable for the average to higher-handicap players. At the same time, La Torre Golf Resort incorporates a great deal of strategy, so when played from the back tees, the course will still be interesting to experienced players who will enjoy the wide variety of shots required to successfully play the course. Complete with a full-feature practice facility, La Torre Golf Resort is, without a doubt, a must for all golfers.


5. La Serena Golf

La Serena Golf lies in the municipality of Los Alcázares, next to Mar Menor. Mainly flat, the golf course's main difficulties will be the prevailing levante wind and the many water hazards in 16 of the 18 holes. The course has a traditional structure. Accuracy off the tee is a must for the player, who must thread his way to the green amongst clusters of bunkers, desert areas and water hazards.

There is a large club house with all facilities and services. Also a large bar cafeteria overlooking the course and Mar Menor and A La Carte restaurant.


6. Mossa Trajectum Golf

Mosa Trayectum is a completely ecological course, recycling rain and waste water and has a biodegradable foam mixed into the earth reducing evaporation by 70%. The club is divided into three clearly defined 9 hole courses, allowing golfers to play on 3 separate 18 holes golf courses depending on their abilities.

Stone course, the strategic players will have advantage and the long hitters will have to contain themselves and use short irons to obtain good results. 
Pine course, the water hazards and pine tree guard the lush fairways and greens. The final results of the round will be determined by the players skills and course management. 
Olive course, housed in real Spanish scenery. Hundreds of Olive trees and typical Spanish flowers make this part of the course a special place to play golf with spectacular views.




1. Las Ramblas

Tel. (+34) 96 672 91 88

 2. Lo Romero Golf

Tel. (+34) 966 766 887 / (+34) 616 478 869

 3. Vistabella Golf

Tel. (+34) 96 610 78 46

4. Roda Golf

Tel. (+34) 968 173 093

5. La Marquesa Golf

Tel. (+34) 966 714 258

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