Cycling in Alcocéber

To practice the sport of cycling, the Sierra de Irta certainly offers the perfect setting with its mountains, slopes and trails; it is the perfect option to combine sport, whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the mountain and coastal areas.

Among the special cycle routes approved by the park are Cranc, Xoriguer, and Fardatxo, with low, medium and high, levels of difficulty, respectively. There are plenty of other routes through the mountains of the Sierra, although some non-approved tracks also run through the park. The Alcocéber local town hallalso conducts weekly hiking, mountain biking and cycling excursions with local guides.


Routes approved by the park:

1. Cranc route

This route starts at the urbanization (complex) las Fuentes, before reaching the lighthouse Alcocéber.  From there you access the Ribamar track that runs parallel to the coast and leading to Peñíscola.

The only difficulty lies in a steep slope found after passing through the Pla de Pebret, before reaching the Badum Tower.

Starting point: Playa de las Fuentes

Finish: Cala Volante

Distance: 13,1 km

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy


2. Xoriguer route

This route starts from the town of Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, on the road next to the dual carriageway, continuingsouth for 2 kilometers until reaching the N-340 then turning left. Continue on the left for a few meters until you come to a path to the right; continue going straight, then passing close to the lookout point Ametler and irrigation pond to the right hand side of the road, you then come to a fork in the path. Take the path to the right, passing the Widows corral until the Xivert Castle. This route is generally not very hard, except the first climb, which is a fairly long stretch.

Starting: Magdalena de Pulpis

Finishing: Alcalà de Xivert

Distance: 17,3 km

Time: 1 hour and half

Difficulty: Medium


3. Fardatxo route

The route starts on the coast of Alcocéber, crossing the Ribamar track, deep inside the Sierra de Irta. Follow the road parallel to the coast until you come to a very sharp curve that takes you to the Argelaga creek, where you take a detour to the left gently walking up to the Font d'En Canes. Then find another fork to the right where there is the recreational area called “La Caseta”, you don’t take this detour but continue walking the path through the Mas del Senyor up to the urbanization Font Nova. The way back is not difficult.                                                  

Starting Point: Playa de las Fuentes

Finishing Point: Urbanización Font Nova

Distance: 13,5 km

Time: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Hard 


Other interesting routes (not approved by the park):

If you look on the trail website (wiklio) you will find paths of different levels in the ALCOCEBER area. Not to be missed whether you come as a family, couple or with friends!


1. Sierra de Irta: Alcocéber - Peñíscola – Alcocéber

This is suitable throughout the whole year.

A circular route that starts from the Peniscola lighthouse arriving at Alcocéber which runs through the inside of the Mountain range, Passing through Barranco de la Torrre Nova, Collado del Corral de Denteta, Font d'En Canes, Mas del Senyor, Mirador Cerro del Mar, San Roc de Peñíscola.

The return is by the coast, which offers beautiful landscapes and wonderful views of the Peñíscola Castle and its rock formation, also the Torre Badum, Playa del Ruso, Pebret beach, Playa d'Irta and returning back to the starting point of the lighthouse Alcocéber.

Total route: 43,81 km

Difficulty: Easy 

Time: 5 hours 42 minutes

Elevation: 624 meters

Maximum altitude: 209 meters


2. Alcocebre, Ermita Santa Luciabri, Antenas, Barranco de la Carrera, Xivert Castle and Alcocéber

A very Interesting circular route passing through the Sierra de Irta nature reserve.

Leaving from the Playa del Moro in Alcocéber, heading upwards until reaching the lookout point, this route passes by the lovely Ermita de Santa Lucia (small chapel), Torre Ebrí, Campanilles, Barranco de la Carrera arriving at the Xivert Castle. The descent begins by the firewall and continues for 14 kilometres until you arrive back to the starting point in ALCOCEBER.

Total route: 32,54 km

Difficulty: Moderate -Semi

Time: 3 hours

Elevation: 750 meters

Maximum altitude: 498 meters



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