The Servigroup Hotels Vegetable Farm “El Clot” has been awarded first prize in the Villajoyosa vegetable show

At the second Villajoyosa Vegetable Show, the farm “El Clot” has been awarded first prize.

The vegetable farm “El Clot” in Villajoyosa produces the fruit and vegetables required to exclusively supply Servigroup Hotels in both Benidorm and Villajoyosa.

Due to the high quality of its produce, the well-known Servigroup market garden decided to present one of its prize pieces in the competition.

Pumpkins in the Villajoyosa vegetable competition

The event took place in the famous Plaza del Practicante Miguel Ortuño, situated in the La Ermita District of Villajoyosa and was organised by the Alicante Town Hall Department of Agriculture.

The aim of this popular contest is the continuity of the Villajoyosa ridged pumpkin.  Due to its green color, abundance of pulp, its ridged skin and its morphological characteristics that make it perfect to be used in traditional Villajoyosa stew recepies, the judges could not resist the pumkin submitted by “El Clot”.

The judging panel consisted of members from the Town Council for Agriculture as well as professional advisors with a wealth of knowledge in the agricultural field, all of them experts in the Villajoyosa ridged variety.

To elect the winning pumpkin, factors such as shape, colour, size and smell of the pumpkin as well as the appendage of the pumkin flower bud  were taken in to consideration.

As an initial requirement, the pumpkins should range between 4 an 6 kilograms and although those that weighed more were directly disqualified, a change in the rules for the next edition has been communicated.


The Villajoyosa vegetable competition second prize was awarded to the pumpkin presented by Antonio Picó and the third prize went to the pumkin submitted by Sergio Maciá.

Display of fruits, vegetables and greens

Furthermore, the vegetable farm “El Clot” also presented outside of the competition an extensive display of produce highlighting their natural organic properties.

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