The natural cosmetics company Thalgo comes to Servigroup Hotels

The French natural cosmetics company Thalgo has reached an agreement with Servigroup Hotels, in order to enable the staff of the hotel chain's wellness centres to offer their different types of products and treatments.

To this end, at the beginning of June, Servigroup's wellness staff attended intensive training sessions, delivered by Thalgo. The main goal was to tailor the brand to the chain’s philosophy, and at the same time, offer customers the best professional service in the most cutting-edge and innovative aesthetics.

Thalgo comes to Servigroup Hotels wellness centres

For several years, Servigroup has had the privilege of benefiting from the world's leading marine cosmetics brand, but only at the Servigroup Montiboli Hotel. However, in spring 2018, it was finally decided to bring the excellence of Thalgo's marine properties to the other hotels in the Alicante hotel group.


Thalgo and algae

Thalgo Products at Servigroup Hotels

For nearly half a century, the company has worked hard to provide its clients with the benefits of the best properties of the sea in the most prestigious salons and spas in different countries around the world.

The secret of Thalgo's treatments, already available in Servigroup's wellness centres, lies in the meticulous selection of the most beneficial active marine ingredients, harnessing skin-healing properties suitable for both men's and women's skin. Among them, those found in algae stand out. Freshwater algae are harvested directly from Lake Klamath in the US state of Oregon, a place where they are totally unique. Their active properties combine a wealth of vitamins and nutrients making them the most complete food on our planet. These properties have an unbeatable effect on the formation of collagen, which is why this alga is the best weapon against ageing.


Thalgo's products

The Servigroup Hotels Coordinator seals the agreement with the representative of the French company Thalgo

Thalgo has a wide range of outstanding products that have a proven ability to show instant results on the skin immediately after their application. It is undoubtedly a way to achieve more renewed, hydrated and rejuvenated skin, providing a pick-me-up that delivers excellent vitality and luminosity.

In addition, this cosmetics company also stands out for its clear commitment to the environment. This is a deep-rooted philosophy, which is at the very core of Thalgo's values, and in its words, "in the brand's own DNA", and ties in with its long-term commitment to reduce its ecological footprint.

For women, Thalgo focuses on comprehensive beauty care, both in terms of regeneration, as well as visual perfection, because Thalgo is constantly looking for skin perfection. In fact, both its anti-ageing treatments and those focused on exfoliation and face masks, provide real advances that have the clear aim of offering the greatest possible perfection and luminosity to women's skin.

Thalgo cosmetics also offers a wide range of sunscreen products, both to protect your face and body from the sun and for tanning in those months of the year when the beach is no longer an option. These are foolproof creams to apply after long beach and/or pool sessions, especially for their high effectiveness in regenerating the skin, and at the same time for their preventive nature as regards the dreaded sunburn.

Thalgo has also created daily skincare products for men. These include regenerative and strengthening treatments, with visible very short-term results. The product range for men also offers other moisturising and shaving products for everyday use.

Thalgo also offers a wide range of body care products. These products are perfect for cleansing, moisturizing, relaxing, revitalizing, balancing, protecting and strengthening the body at any time of day. They are suitable for everyone, both female and male, regardless of their age or lifestyle. They are perfect for athletes who need constant hydration or for skin types with certain imperfections requiring correction. There are specific treatments for the hands and feet, and others that are ideal for using on the bust or neckline, among many others. In short, Thalgo is tailored to those who like to take care of themselves on a daily basis, and therefore provides solutions for all kinds of needs.

Undoubtedly, this is an important step in the improvement and evolution of the wellness centres in Servigroup Hotels, a hotel chain that for four decades has focused its greatest efforts on achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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