The Hotel Servigroup Calypso opens its new terrace

The Calypso Hotel in Benidorm opened its new 250 square metre café terrace, which complements the hotels amenities and surrounding area.

Terraza Calypso

This glazed and covered terrace becomes open air in summer and sunny days. It is tastefully decorated in white with touches of pistachio and orange, including direct access from both the hotel and the street.

Your can taste their selections of wines including free tapa, as well as an extensive choice in drinks, delicious cocktails and exotic gin tonics, all of these can be enjoyed in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Hotel Calypso

On the other hand the Hotel Servigroup Calypso has decided to follow the new trend for using Led technology in the field of lighting, incorporating LED strips on each floor, giving the facade a dramatic effect at night. The use of LED lighting is growing in popularity, allowing the use of shapes and colours, and is one of today’s most energy-efficient lighting technologies.

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