Servigroup renews its sponsorship of the Benidorm Handball Club

Servigroup Hotels renews its collaboration agreement with the Benidorm Handball Club for the 2018-19 season.

Once the new agreement had been made official, a meeting was held at Servigroup Hotels’ headquarters and was attended by Image and Advertising Director, Natalia Caballé; the president of the Benidorm Handball Club, Javier Abínzano Garzón; and the official representative of Servigroup Hotels, Jaime Llorca. During the meeting, ideas were exchanged and key objectives were established for the forthcoming season.

Benidorm Handball Club

This is the seventh year that Benidorm’s handball club has the support of Servigroup, and not only for their first team which plays in the ASOBAL League but also for the other 14 core teams.

It is also the fifth consecutive season that the club, sponsored by the Alicante hotel group, is competing at the highest level of the sport.

The core Benidorm Handball Club teams are made up of over 210 male and female players across the respective federated competitions and have continued to make positive and steady progress each year since the two organisations signed the agreement.

In the forthcoming season there will be three teams competing in national competitions. In addition to the team in the ASOBAL League, the men’s first division team will again be competing. A new addition this year is the new female senior team in the Honor de Plata division, the result of some fantastic results from its players last season.

Servigroup handball team

In regard to travel, Servigroup Hotels will again be accompanying the first team in the ASOBAL League to all their fixtures against opponents in Spanish cities. The Group will continue to carry out the necessary promotional work at the relevant venues.

Furthermore, Servigroup will also be involved in games played by the core teams in the Region of Valencia.

There’s little doubt that the 2018-19 season is already looking promising.

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