Servigroup celebrates the seventh edition of its Gastronomic Days

Following the gastronomic tradition that characterizes the group, Servigroup held on February 17 at the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli the seventh edition of its Gastronomic Days, dedicated this time to “Healthy Food”.

This event, reunites at the beginning of the year the head waiters and head chefs of 16 hotels. The purpose of this event is to incorporate new ideas and tecniques that enrich year after year its exquisite cuisine, hallmark of Servigroup.

2015 Gastronomic days

Given the recent concerns about eating healthily, this time the challenge is to cook healthier by reducing fat levels without losing the essence of taste and looking for healthier cooking methods ie. roasting, baking, steaming and how to use oil with care etc.

It was also attended by suppliers such as Bonduelle, Krissia, Martin Braun, McCain and Rational ovens. During the presentation, the subject of allergen issues were discussed to, which the chain pays special attention to and also another main issue was the study of new consumer trends and what customers expect from coastal resort accommodation, taking into account an aging population, leading to new ideas.

2015 Gastronomic Days Catering

After lunch the award ceremonies took place for “Food Satisfaction 2014” and hotel restaurants were rewarded that scored the best punctuation for hotel food satisfaction. The winners were Servigroup Venus in the three star category and Servigroup Castilla in the four star category.

According to Alfredo Garfella, Director of Purchasing Food and Beverages Servigroup, we must continue to thrill our customers with new dishes and new themes, reaching beyond the gourmet buffet, based on the concept of emotional buffet, which has the ability to excite and conquer our guests sensations.

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