Hoteles Servigroup participate in the presentation of the new Manizaleño coffee

Gregorio Sebastián, Servigroup Hotels Gastronomy Coordinator, will be visiting the Colombian city of Manizales, in order to show unconditional support in the inauguration and start-up of a new product, Café Manizaleño.

The new Colombian venture will be released on Friday, November 29 in the city of Manizales, Colombia, a city in which Hoteles Servigroup has the Hotel Benidorm.

Chef Coordinator of Gastronomy for Hoteles Servigroup

The popular Café Museum in Manizales will be the setting in which our chef will carry out a representative gastronomic sample of the most traditional Mediterranean cuisine. And then the following day, Gregorio will offer a conference at the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales, of which the central theme will be the plating and new gastronomic trends.

The event will be organized by the City Hall of Manizales through the TIC and Competitiveness Secretariat, SENA and FENALCO, which is the Merchants Commercial Federation, Caldas section. For all these reasons, it has been decided to count on the support of Hoteles Servigroup, given that it is the most representative spanish hotel entity in the Colombian city.

Gastronomy demonstration

This is how the leading hotel group in the Valencian Community will be directly involved in the #UnManizaleño campaign, whose main objective is to disseminate the coffee of Manizales as a totally different concept highlighted by its original preparation. Also, in this way, an undeniable distinction is shown in terms of the seal of approval that characterizes a product which will contribute to the strengthening of the Historic Center of Manizales.

It is in this historic area of Manizaleña that the well-known Cafés Especiales Project has originated, whose fundamental purpose is to spread the manizaleño throughout the country, to cross borders and reach Europe through this campaign.

Hoteles Servigroup in Colombia

Therefore, Hoteles Servigroup has decided to collaborate to the fullest by teaching and training its staff the whole Cultural perspective of Coffee, Historical Heritage and professional barista service for the best preparation of an excellent raw material, such as the popular, symbolic and traditional coffee of Manizales. An unbeatable product to complete a coffee experience for all five senses.

It is with this delicious coffee that this attractive drink will be elaborated: To prepare a manizaleño consists of adding to the coffee of Manizales a few drops of Old Rum, and a few more drops of sugar-free aguardiente (anis).

Servigroup joins the presentation and support of an exceptional product that will be included in its hotels in Spain.

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