The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa is still committed to cycling and attends the "Vellofollies" Cycling Fair in Belgium

The Belgian town of Kortrij once again became the capital of cycling last weekend.

The reason was again the start of Velofollies, a cycling fair to which Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa has come to for the second time, in the company of the group Kortweg.

Velofollies stands out again as the true point of reference for professionals and fans of cycling throughout Europe.

Cyclists in the Hotel Marina Playa

An event of vital importance in the European sports field, which in turn exceeds a figure of more than 35,000 visitors who every year visit more than 300 stands that make up the fair.

On the other hand, this cycling fair in Belgium is a great opportunity to demonstrate all of the infinite possibilities that both the Almeria town of Mojácar and the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa itself place before an increasingly abundant and demanding European market.


The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and Kortweg

Groups of cyclists in Mojacar

This year, the Marina Playa attended the Cycling Fair in Belgium in the company of Kortweg, a leading reference in the cycling world as an agency specializing in travel for cyclists.

They are an expert entity specializing in bicycle tourism, and from whose hand come groups from Belgium and the Netherlands, who seek destinations to carry out their routes in winter

The Hotel Marina Playa de Mojacar receives a great number of cycling groups every year, especially of Belgian, Dutch and French origin, who constantly seek to stay in the most specialized hotel establishments adapted to the field of professional cycling. A constant influx of cyclists come to our hotel through Kortweg.

Kortweg are responsible for planning all the routes that can be carried out during the 7 nights stay in the hotel, making sure at all times that every possible need is met for the cyclist: technical problems, breakdowns during the journey, possible injuries, etc.

The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa also has an adequate service oriented to the cyclist in all aspects: schedules adapted to their departures, a proper diet for them, optimal facilities (garage, workshop, laundry areas, meeting room, wellness center with gym, among many others), etc.

All this has led to prestigious teams such as Boygues Telecom, Telenet Fidea. Omega Pharma Quick Step, Rabobank and Movistar (among many others), choosing our hotel to stay at, while they carry out their varied cycling routes in Mojacar and the surrounding areas.


Mojacar is like a Cycling town

Cycling in Mojacar

We are in a perfect location for training cyclists. In fact, the excellent roads, together with an unbeatable microclimate that characterizes the Costa de Almería during the twelve months of the year, make Mojacar one of the destinations most requested by cyclists.

It is for these reasons we are one of the most chosen options, both by national cyclists, and those from central and northern European countries.

One of the main reasons why this market is constantly looking for new hotels to stay in the Spanish Levante, is the low temperatures which prevailes in their countries of origin. A climate which does not allow them optimal training during the winter months.

Other hotels of the Servigroup chain, such as Servigroup Papa Luna, Servigroup Romana, Servigroup Castilla, Servigroup Nereo and Servigroup Torre Dorada, count on, every year by extending and offering an adequate service to the cycling public.

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