Benidorm and Manizales continue to strengthen ties

A few days ago, a series of events were celebrated in Colombia that reinforced the twinning of the Town of Benidorm and the Colombian locality of Manizales maintained since 2014.

José María Caballé, President of Servigroup Hotels, recently traveled to Manizales in the company of Antonio Pérez, Mayor of Benidorm and Councilor and former Mayor Agustín Navarro. The purpose of the visit of the aforementioned Benidorm delegation to Colombia was to attend a series of celebrations that culminated with the inauguration of a congress hall and a parking at the Hotel Benidorm de Manizales owned by José María Caballé which was inaugurated the past 2012.

Representations of Hotels Servigroup, Benidorm and Manizales in the Mayor's Office of Manizales

Other events that stood out in this ratification of the twinning were the Ibero-American Congress of Sustainable Cities, the visit to the Virgin of Suffrage in Manizales, the inauguration of the Plaza de Benidorm, the reinforcement of the commitment between both towns to train Colombian workers in Benidorm and an emotional exchange of honors.


Visit to the chapel in Colombia

The reception began with a visit to the famous chapel in which an image of the Virgin of Sufragio, known as the Patron Saint of Benidorm, is preserved. It is a gift that the Town hall of Benidorm made to Manizales in 2013, when Agustín Navarro still ran the Mayor's Office in Benidorm.


Ibero-American Congress of Sustainable Cities

The Benidorm entourage in the Ibero-American Congress of Sustainable Cities

The Benidorm entourage was invited as representatives of Benidorm, to the Ibero-American Congress of Sustainable Cities, that took place in Manizales and of which 34 countries delegations attended.

In this congress sponsored by the UN and UNESCO, the virtues of the town of Benidorm were praised as an example of an urbanized city that consumes scarce resources in front of its dispersed urbanization. On the other hand, the collection of waste, as well as the optimal use and management of its waters, were also highlighted as two of the strongest points of the town.


Plaza of Benidorm in Manizales

Representations of Hotels  Servigroup, Benidorm and Manizales at the inauguration of the Plaza de Benidorm in Manizales

In one of the most symbolic areas of the city, you can find located the square that was inaugurated with the name of Benidorm. The Plaza de Benidorm is located on the main avenue that gives access to the city, and in front of the historic Bullring of Manizales.

This square was built in the autumn of 2014, a few months after the visit of the Colombian mayor to Benidorm for the inauguration of the Plaza de Manizales.


Exchange of Honours

José María Caballé receiving the Shield of Manizales with the rank of commander and the Order of the Shield of Caldas in the category of Honour of Merit

At that time, José María Caballé was given the corresponding Shield of Manizales with the rank of commander and the Order of the Shield of Caldas in this category of Honour to Merit, the President of Servigroup Hotels received on this occasion a plaque in commemoration of its investment effort in the town of Manizales.

On the other hand, the actual Mayor of Benidorm, was granted the Shield of the city with the rank of Knight.


Consolidation of a training commitment

José María Caballé in his address in Manizales

The political authorities of both towns renewed their commitment to maintain this training program that began in 2012.

Considering Benidorm as an indisputable reference in terms of acquiring tourism knowledge, in this commitment adopted five years ago facilities were given to Colombian students so that they could carry out part of their training in Benidorm. Thus helping them and preparing them to work in tourist companies once they return to Colombia, and even to found their own companies in the country.

On the other hand, Antonio Pérez, accompanied by Jesús Cañadas, head of the General Sub director for the Promotion of the Information Society, and Enrique Martínez, an advisor to the Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda as representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda) held a long meeting with José Octavio Cardona, Mayor of Manizales. This meeting consisted of a ministerial mediation so that both cities can advance in their programs of cooperation, focusing on Information and Communication Technologies, as well as on competitiveness, all as essential factors for the future of both localities.


Inauguration of the congress centre and parking of Hotel Benidorm

New building in which is located the congress center and parking of the Hotel Benidorm in Manizales

On the 6th April, the inauguration of the new congress center and the parking of the Hotel Benidorm were held. This event was attended by the Mayor of Manizales, the Governor, the President of the Council and those responsible for the Metropolitan Police, as well as a number of local businessmen.

The new congress center has a maximum capacity of 300 people and is located in an annex building at the Hotel Benidorm.

After the inauguration, a cocktail prepared by students from different universities was served, these students had previously attended several training courses given by Servigroup Hotels

In this way, the services of a hotel that was inaugurated in 2012, which has in a short time managed to become the establishment with the greatest occupation of the city of Manizales.

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