Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa sponsord La Mojaquera once again

Next Sunday, 15th April, the seventh edition of one of the most popular sporting events in the province of Almería is to be held in Mojácar: the 7th Sierra Cabrera Xtreme, the race popularly known as La Mojaquera.

La Mojaquera is again to be included in the Andalusian ranking and this edition will also count for the Provincial Circuit of Almería.

7th Sierra Cabrera Xtreme in Mojácar

The event has gone from strength to strength, marked by an overwhelming passion for cycling and a route whose difficulty contrasts with the beautiful landscape of the sea and the mountains.

La Mojaquera also gains in importance thanks to the presence and participation of great sporting personalities who come to the race year after year (MTB and XCM champions and other prominent cyclists from Spain and other countries, in particular from the United Kingdom, France and Belgium).


La Mojaquera and the Hotel Marina Playa

Hotel Marina Playa in Mojácar

For yet another year with Gerardo Martínez at the helm of the Sierra Cabrera Xtreme, the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa plays a vital role by collaborating with and sponsoring La Mojaquera; and, of course, it takes its place as the official hotel of La Mojaquera.

In fact, our 4-star hotel in Mojácar (once again very close to the finishing line) will be stage for the presentation of the prizes to the winners of the now popular La Mojaquera prize draw. As usual, the prizes will be donated by famous specialist cycling shops from the provinces of Almería and Murcia.

What's more, our Mojácar hotel will again be serving a delicious lunch for participants and attendees after the race.

The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa has backed the 7th Sierra Cabrera Xtreme from the very start and has specialised in providing accommodation for leading professional cycling teams from Spain and abroad for more than ten years.

And although cycling may be considered one of the fundamental pillars of the Servigroup chain, it has also sponsored other sports year after year.


The Route of the 2018 La Mojaquera

Cyclists ready to start La Mojaquera

La Mojaquera route par excellence (the long-distance route) will cover a distance of 75 kilometres and a difference in height-above-sea-level of 2.200 metres.

All in a context in which part of its major attraction is provided by the combination of sea and mountains. A scenario on which memories of an Arab-origin agricultural past appear dotted around a landscape reminiscent of Africa almost all the way.

The race is to set off from the Ciudad de Mojácar football ground at 9 am on Sunday 15th.

It is estimated that the winner will take about three hours and the cyclists coming in last will take approximately five and a half hours.

There is no doubt that this is a long and complicated route and once again it will take place in the well-known Sierra Cabrera de Almería. Most of the route runs along dirt tracks, dry ravines and paths, coming on to tarmac for only 2 kilometres.

The race will again include the traditional climb up to the historical centre of Mojácar as one of its main features.


Signing-up for La Mojaquera

La Mojaquera Finishing Line in Almería

Those interested in taking part in La Mojaquera 2018 have signed up via the official La Mojaquera website or by contacting the website of the Andalusian Cycling Federation at Federación Andaluza de Ciclismo.

Prices: 30€ for federation members and 40€ for non-members.

This edition of the Sierra Cabrera Xtreme will again have two categories: long-distance (the main and most popular race), covering 75 kilometres and a difference in height-above-sea-level of 2.200 metres; and short-distance (designed for lower-level cyclists), covering 52 kilometres and a difference in height-above-sea-level of 1.300 metres.

La Mojaquera limits the number of participants to a maximum of 500 to make sure things run smoothly and to avoid the congestion typical of cycling races when there are too many people in attendance.

The period signing up for La Mojaquera closed last Wednesday, 11th April.

Furthermore, this latest edition of La Mojaquera is to apply the Spanish Law on Equality and both sexes will be following the same route.

A seventh edition of La Mojaquera, which once again promises excitement and, above all, great fun.

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