The vegetable farm El Clot participates in the III Villajoyosa vegetable-pumpkin competition and the organic farming exhibition

The vegetable farm El Clot owned by Servigroup Hotels and located very near to the Hotel Montiboli has once again participated in two of the most prominent events that promote the benefits and quality of the natural products that are typical of the Alicante town, Villajoyosa. The events are the well-known Villajoyosa vegetable-pumpkin competition and the successful organic farming exhibition.

Special mention for the Servigroup Hotels vegetable farm El Clot

As gratitude for participating in both events, the vegetable farm El Clot was commemorated with an award from the events organisers.


The organic farming exhibition

Stand from the El Clot vegetable farm for Servigroup Hotels

Parallel to this competition, in the main square of the most agricultural part of the town, an organic farming exhibition was held and a stand was set up with the most select seasonal organic produce including lemons, oranges and other fruits such as watermelons, melons and plums. 

Also at the stand were the eye-catching Villajoyosa organic pumpkins as well as fresh red Swiss chard, peppers, courgettes, cucumbers, onions, aubergines and chilli peppers. Their quality potatoes as well as their beautiful sunflowers and some of the farms best aromatic plants such as basil, rosemary, fennel and mint were also on show.

A guaranteed spot at the exhibition was given to the cut flowers which are always present in Servigroup Hotels and of course there was a special place for the delicious oil that the farm El Clot produces from its hundreds of well cared for olive trees.


The Villajoyosa pumkin contest

Pumpkins competing in the Villajoyosa contest

The increasingly popular Villajoyosa vegetable-pumkin contest which took place at the well-known plaza de la Ermita in Villajoyosa is a competition which is becomming more and more acknowledged each year, especially in the Marina Baixa area. It focuses on locally grown pumpkins, a type of vegetable greatly esteemed and valued in relation to local cuisine. Therefore, the farm El Clot unreservedly participated in the third edition of the competition following the undeniable victory achieved last year when it took first prize.

The event was attended by Andreu Verdú (Mayor of Villajoyosa) and the councillor for agriculture Pedro Alemany (the latter officiating as master of ceremonies). The well-known organisation Dones Rurals Vileras also had a prominent presence.

Twenty one agriculturalists from this Alicante town competed to win first prize for the best pumpkin.

To elect the winning pumpkin, judging was based on certain criteria such as the smell, the colour intensity of the pumpkin, the distance between the flower and the stalk and the shape of each one entered into the contest. Therefore, advice was on hand from Villajoyosa’s leading pumpkin producers.

This year, a new special category was added to this popular pumpkin contest, which focused on weight value.

The winner on this occasion was the pumpkin entered by Ramón Pérez Martinez, who grew it from seeds obtained from the Servigroup Hotels farm El Clot, followed closely by Daniel Serrano and Miguel Picó who won second and third prize respectively.

With regards to the above-mentioned special prize, the recipient was Maria López Peño who entered into the competition a pumpkin weighing 17.6 kilograms, which pleasantly surprised the judges.

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