Premiere of the short film “Bikini”, prize winner for best film director Festival Cinema Jove

The short film “Bikini” premiered on the 10th of July 2014 on Benidorm’s Cala Del Mal Pas beach, this short comedy film immortalizes Pedro Zaragoza’s (mayor of Benidorm) trip to Madrid on his Vespa motorbike to try and convince Francisco Franco that his town needed to legalize the Bikini to attract tourists.

The Nakamura Film production company, along with Benidorms Town hall and the Servigroup hotel chain, sponsors of the film, presented this short film which has been directed by Oscar Bernácer (“Desayuno con diadema”,”Les Sabatilles de Laura”).

The short film Bikini has already won several awards such as the Festival de Medina Del Campo, Ávila Cine and has been awarded a prize for best director of (short films) produced in the region of Valencia, at the Festival Cinema Jove. The film offers a star cast: Sergio Caballero, Carlos Arecer y Rosario Pardo, all well-known Spanish film actors.

short film Bikini Benidorm 2014

Caballero plays the part of Pedro Zaragoza, the visionary mayor who transformed Benidorm in the mid-fifties by promoting mass tourism. Zaragoza was the first Mayor to allow bathers to wear Bikinis on the beaches of this coastal town, which caused him serious problems with the most reactionary sectors of the Catholic Church and political life of the time. Threatened with excommunication, the mayor sought support from the highest levels. Zaragoza decided to go straight to the top and drove his Vespa to the Palace of El Pardo to convince Francisco Franco the benefits that tourism offered the impoverished Spanish economy of the time. Carlos Areces plays the role of the dictator for the fourth time, whilst Rosario Pardo takes on the role of Carmen Polo who was very much involved in state affairs.

The film has received funding for almost 35,000€ of its Budget, and has been supported by the Generalitat Valenciana-Culturarts, Benidorms Townhall, Servigroup Hotel chain, as well as individual sponsors via a crowd funding platform. Parallel to this project, the producer is preparing a documentary on the life of Pedro Zaragoza and the evolution of tourism, based on the prime example of Benidorm.

Link to the trailer: Click Here.

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