International Congress of Mathematics at the Hotel Servigroup Galúa

The Hotel Servigroup Galúa hosted on May 15th an international Congress of applied mathematics that brought together more than 60 researchers from universities around the world and more than 150 attendees.

The event “International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity” was organised by the Professor of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Juan Luis García Guirao (photo,centre).

Congress of Mathematics at the Hotel Servigroup Galúa

From left to right in the photograph :Susana Reus, Manager of Hotel Servigroup Galúa, Juan Luis Guirao, Professor and event organiser and José Miguel Ruiz, Head Receptionist Hotel Servigroup Galúa.  

The event was attended by leading specialists in the field such as the American James A. Yorke from the University of Maryland, creator of the chaos theory and Jesús Sanz Serna, considered one of the leading international experts in Hamiltonians systems. This is a congress of great tradition of which the last edition was held in Jinan (China) in 2012.

Servigroup Galúa Hotel in La Manga del Mar Menor

In the field of mathematical research, “Spain ranks 6th place worldwide” according to statements made by teacher Jesús Sanz Serna during his recent visit to the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, considered internationally as one of the greatest experts in Hamiltonian Systems, explained that theyare applied to the movement of molecules, the creation of medicines, the control of artificial satellites or aircraft movement. He considers that mathematics is “invisible science as people don’t see them and don’t realise that they are everywhere”.


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