Students from the Autonomous University of Manizales carry out their professional internships at Servigroup Hotels

Four outstanding students from the Culinary Arts and Gastronomy University of Manizales are currently finishing their professional internship at the Venus, Orange, Pueblo and Calypso hotels, as a result of the renewed agreement signed last May between the town hall of Manizales and Servigroup Hotels. Ricardo Germán Gallo Benavides, Secretary of ICT and Competitiveness for the mayor of Manizales (Colombia); Antonio Pérez, mayor of Benidorm; and José María Caballé Horta, CEO of Servigroup Hotels where all present at the signing of the mentioned agreement, which is included in the Servigroup Culture program.

Students from the University of Manizales

Under the tuition of Gregorio Sebastián Cebrián, head chef of the Hotel Servigroup Venus, the students of Manizales Daniel Castaño, Sofía Benjumea, Juan José Quenguan and Willis Salcedo will finish their formative phase within the next few weeks to give way to a new entourage of four students who in this instance will carry out their training in Hotel Management and direction, and in the area of Marketing, developing their training in both Servigroup Hotels and Visit Benidorm.

Our students with the Kitchen staff

Five years ago, there was a twinning between the cities of Manizales and Benidorm, following the inauguration of the Hotel Benidorm in the city of Caldense by José María Caballé, promoter of this twinning which also resulted in the inauguration of the Plaza de Manizales in the municipality of Benidorm in 2014 and Benidorm Plaza in Manizales last April. Both consisted to the strengthening of ties and ratify each year their agreement of formation so that the students Caldenses can realize their professional training in one of the most tourist cities at international level.

Our Students with Gregorio Sebastian

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