Servigroup joins Benidorm's Fancy Dress Party

Last Thursday, November 17, the Town of Benidorm continued the unstoppable festive rhythm in the popular British area. As is tradition, the Fancy Dress Party is celebrated a day after the closing of the town's festivities.

Once again, British and an ever increasing amount of Spanish tourists came together to celebrate a popular holiday that every year gains more and more momentum in Benidorm.

Costumes of all kinds and for all tastes were highly visible in the streets of the Gerona, Mallorca, Cuenca and the Philippines. Undoubtedly, in addition to the most picturesque and original attire, the superheroes, the characters of the far west, the sailors, the Minnion characters and the dancers all came to life on this memorable day.

Captain Delfi and his pirates on board in the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party

The British Fancy Dress Party Benidorm 2016 this year has been especially notable for its spectacular parade of floats that departed in the early afternoon from the Derramador street, in front of the Calypso Hotel (Benidorm), to start approach, on to the main Gerona street until turning up the Cuenca street, continuing its journey along the Lepanto Street to finish the parade at the Philippines Avenue.

The floats were especially focused on the Berbers theme, very popular in the area of Alicante for its traditional festivals of Moors and Christians.

Servigroup Hotels collaborated in the event with an extravagant pirate ship from which fluttered its own flag, accompanied during the whole route by an exotic island.

The boat was captained by the emblematic Delfi, the popular mascot of the children's club of the hotel chain. Together with Captain Delfi, seven public relations of British origin were transformed into dangerous pirates of the high seas. Although instead of pillaging everything in sight, they constantly threw out candy and confetti to the waiting crowds, whilst enjoying the rhythm of great music, that did not stop to the very.

After the parade of floats, the party continued until late into night, where the place to be was undoubtedly the Mallorca street.

Servigroup Hotels also provided a bar for the public, in front of Hotel Servigroup Orange, which opened at noon and carried on serving until well past midnight.

Pirates before getting on the float

This new turn has given the Fancy Dress Party in the Levantine town, great prominence to the importance that both the town of Benidorm and the collaborating institutions give to this colourful, emotive and fun British party.

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