Hotel Servigroup illuminates its hotel facades with led technology

The Hotel Servigroup Calypso has decided to follow the new trend for using Led technology in the field of lighting, incorporating LED strips on each floor, giving the façade a dramatic effect at night. The use of LED lighting is growing in popularity, allowing the use of shapes and colours, and is one of today’s most energy-efficient lighting technologies.

Lighting Diplomatic

Two days before, on the 20th December 2014 the Hotel Diplomatic Benidorm also renewed its image by using these new technologies. In this case the technique is different to the one used in the Hotel Calypso, and uses windows of lighting LEDGLASS, that are transparent and elegant during the day, and illuminating with multi-colours the outside of the Hotel when dusk falls whilst remaining opaque on the inside, respecting the comfort and rest of its guests.

Lighting Calypso

The entrance to the Diplomatic has also used another type of glass called LEDGLASS, which uses the technique of engraving on glass with a design that catches a stream of light, projecting over the engraving, which illuminates in Led monochrome, changing colour according to the programme selected.

Ledglass, the company that has undertaken this Project at the Hotel Diplomatic, after 25 years’ experience in the World of glass the company has patented this revolutionary technique of glass engraving “lightinglass”, which has been used on the facade of the Hotel.

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