Servigroup Hotels, Hotel Group of the Year by David Urquhart

Servigroup Hotels received eight awards from the British Tour Operator David Urquhart, seven of them in recognition of the excellence of the said, seven hotels it operates, plus an award to Servigroup as Hotel Group of the Year.

Gold Awards - Servigroup Nereo Hotel

This year the David Urquhart Gold Award has been awarded to Hotels Servigroup Venus, Servigroup Orange, Servigroup Calypso, Servigroup Nereo, Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm, Servigroup Castilla & Servigroup Rialto, based on the surveys of its customers through which quality of the accommodation, facilities and services were evaluated, emphasising a personalised service and the exquisite cuisine that characterises the Servigroup.

Gold Awards - Servigroup Venus Hotel

With over 30 years of experience in the sector, the British Tour Operator David Urquhart has worked with Servigroup for several years. He has awarded Servigroup a total 29 awards for four consecutive years, of which many were Gold Awards.

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