Servigroup focuses on the modernisation and saving of energy in their restaurants

Servigroup focuses on the modernisation and saving of energy in their restaurants, substituting the traditional fabric table clothes for individual ecological table mats made from polyester and therefore guaranteeing optimum hygiene and cleanliness.

This has been an important investment for the hotel chain commencing in the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm in August 2013 and then introduced gradually into the majority of the hotels. Still pending are the hotel Papa Luna in Castellón and the Marina Playa and Marina Mar in Mojácar, scheduled to be changed this year.


Compared to the traditional daily laundering of table clothes the individual table mats are practical and easy to clean and wash, they protect a larger area of the table and at the same time give an original, modern touch in the restaurants.

The use of individual table mats has become very popular over the last few years in restaurants, cafeterias and households. Compared to fabric table cloths because if their easy maintenance they help to save tonnes of water and electricity per year and cause a significant reduction in the use of detergents reducing the contamination in the environment and therefore improving for the future.

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