Servigroup Hotels triumphs in the Christmas Window Dressing Competition of Benidorm 2017

Hoteles Servigroupare once again the great winners of the Christmas window dressing contest 2017, held Thursday, December 21 in the auditorium of the Benidorm Town Hall.

The event, organized by the City Council in conjunction with AICO, was conducted by students in the second year of the Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising Technician at IES Pere Maria Orts i Bosch.

In the corresponding category of hotels, the Servigroup chain stood out for receiving the first three prizes: the first prize fell into the hands of the Hotel Castilla (Benidorm); the second award went to the Calypso Hotel (Benidorm); and finally, the Rialto Hotel in Benidorm was the winner of the third prize.

Servigroup in the Christmas showcase contest

Ana Pellicer, Councilor of Commerce and Antonio Pérez, Mayor of Benidorm, presented the three awards to the representatives of each of the winning establishments: María Reyes, director of Hotel Castilla; Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, director of the Hotel Calypso; and Pepi Sánchez, deputy director of the Hotel Rialto.

Winner Hotel Servigroup Calypso

There was a total of 91 establishments, that participated in this gala, which over the years has become a classic of Christmas in Benidorm.

19 hotels were submitted to the contest, along with 14 restaurants and 58 shops. In the category of restaurants, it was Pepi Llinares, representing the Servigroup chain, who presented the first prize to the Restaurant La Cava Aragonesa, a prize consisting of a two-night stay in full board at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa in Mojácar.

Presentation of the best Christmas decorations

Hoteles Servigroup has been surpassing itself year after year in this popular Christmas contest, of which the preparations begin roughly four months in advance. An authentic and handmade work, in which the staff of the hotels are greatly involved to the maximum to get the best decorations for Christmas.


The Hotel Servigroup Castilla and their great toy factory

Decorations at the Hotel Servigroup Castilla

It is the third time that the Hotel Castilla de Benidorm has managed to win an award. In the hotel reception, an authentic toy factory was staged, where its 5 two-meter-high handmade wooden nutcrackers and its train loaded with Christmas presents (donated by the staff of Hoteles Servigroup to be donated to Charity), managed to Conquer the jury.


The North Pole at the Hotel Servigroup Calypso

Decorations in the Hotel Calypso

The Hotel Calypso managed to recreate an unbeatable Christmas atmosphere through its authentic North Pole covered with snow, which did not lack its beautiful polar bears, penguins and its dazzling igloo. The striking, staging and lighting could be the main trigger which got the support of the Benidorm jury.


Photo call in the Hotel Servigroup Rialto

Decoration Hotel Rialto

In a very original and different way to the rest of the participants, the entrance of the Hotel Rialto Benidorm managed to become a beautiful Christmas photo call in which shone their elegant candy canes, their giant Christmas lollipops, and also the striking snowmen made from car tires.

It was the first time that the Servigroup Hotel Rialto has won a prize in this contest.

So, this year we celebrated in style with the awards received in the Christmas 2017 showcase contest. Next summer, the hotels in Benidorm will be back on track to start preparing again, to try and impress the jury and its faithful public.

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