Presentation of the recipe book “Foods from our seas” with the foreword written by chef Jean Marc Sanz

The Catalan companies Christian King for the 2018 Moors and Christians Fiestas in Villajoyosa presented his new book on the 14th of December in the popular Casa del Mediterráneo in Alicante. This event will take place again today Friday the 15th In the Llar del Pensionista de Villajoyosa at 20.00hrs.

The title of the book is El menjar de les nostres mares (Food from our mothers) and it consists of an attractive summary which showing local varieties and classic recipes.

Jean Marc Sanz, Chef Hotel Montíboli

The main object of the recipe book is to enlighten the magnificent culinary culture characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. An authentic and tempting challenge putting into practice the Food bringing together the traditional customs with the new state of the art culinary specialities.

Jean Marc Sanz, Chef from the Montiboli Hotel, gave the artistic touch at the presentation offering a special lecture regarding the Mediterranean kitchen, the products and the new techniques.

Jean Marc Sanz at the Book Presentation

The renowned chef played an important part in the presentation as he had written the foreword of this newly released book.

Sanz shows us how to elaborate simple and artistic dishes, he opens the book with a simple but delicious recipe for Pigs trotters glazed with grains and thistle stalks

Hotel Montíboli Recipes

The Food from our mothers consists of seventy recipes which compromise the traditional food from Villajoyosa.  All of the recipes show the reader how to make authentic delicacies from the region “rice with onion” (and other spectacular rice varieties) the traditional “pebreta” (cooked and served in the most popular Alicante restaurants, the emblematic “cocas” and original elaborate dishes made with mackeral.

The book also proposes delicious recipes for original gazpachos, stocks, hot pots, pastries y succulent stews all of which are present in the culinary essence of Villajoyosa.

On the other hand, baking and freshly made beverages have their place in the book. An example of this is “agua de cebada”.


Without doubt, a healthy proposition to create native winter dishes!

And perhaps a good choice for a Christmas gift!

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