Two new students from Colombia obtain their professional training accreditation in Servigroup Hotels

Since the opening (in the coffee producing area of Manizales) of the 4* Hotel Benidorm complete with congress centre and totally immersed in the cultural, social and economic development area of the city and district, the Benidorm based hotel chain Servigroup Hotels has made a pledge for the improvement in the quality of personnel and service levels, engaging in the training of staff for the hotel and (via agreements with Colombian academic institutions) for the whole of the sector in the Caldas District.

Collection of diplomas

The location of the Hotel Benidorm in Manizales, next to the Autonomous University, the Institute of Technology and the Catholic University Hospital and the fact that Manizales is the District’s administrative capital has promoted the implementation of the Servigroup Cultural Programme which since 2014 has been serving as a link for the training and education in Hospitality and Tourism for Colombian students from the National Learning Service and the Autonomous and Catholic Universities.

For this, Servigroup Hotels has received support from the Benidorm City Council and the formative collaboration from its promotion agency Visit Benidorm.

Hotel internship diploma

One of the training courses has been carried out this August and following its completion, the Mayor of Benidorm- Toni Perez, Servigroup Hotels Brand Manager- Natalia Caballé and the company’s representative Jaime Llorca presented the training certificates to two students from the Caldas District National Training Service SENA, who via the Academic Training Agreement have carried out their specialisation training at the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada in Benidorm.

Elsa Pilar Álvarez Mejía (kitchen technician) and Jhon Edison Franco López (bar and waiter technician) have within a month, passed with proficiency in the specialisation training for their respective roles, intergrating with teams of staff from the hotel’s kitchen department,restaurant and bar, applying what they have learned in their academic training centres in Colombia with the specialist training in the day to day tasks of a hotel during high season. 

The aim of Servigroup Hotels is to provide learning opportunities and practical training in the hotel and tourist industry for advanced students from Colombian academic institutes looking for the professional progress and development of personal skills of the selected students to enhance their work prospects in their home country.

Receipt of diplomas at the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada

After receiving the diplomas, both Elsa Pilar and Jhon Edison explained how rewarding the experience and how enriching the cultural exchange had been for them on their developmental journey. The phrases “I have had the best training” and “This has been an incredible opportunity” summarise what was said by the students following the words of the Mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez who encouraged them to move forward with professional exchanges, and Natalia Caballé who encouraged them to apply with professionalism the knowledge aquired. The manager of the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada, Daniel Molinero, who has supervised the training process of both students showed his satisfaction and that of the company for the training skills they brought with them and also for the efficiency and commitment with which they have developed in their roles, earning them the diplomas received.

Over the coming days, three students from the Autonomous Univeristy of Manizales are scheduled to begin their training, which will last until January, when another group from SENA will begin their training process, in a partnership initiative in the field of hospitality and toursim, which is producing excellent results for the Columbian academic institutions and also for Servigroup Hotels.

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