Servigroup Hotels and Nakamura Films sign an agreement for cultural sponsorship of the short film Bikini

- A short comedy, tells the story of Pedro Zaragoza Mayor of Benidorm’s meeting with Franco to defend the idea of allowing the use of Bikinis on its beaches.

- The films premiere will be in the Spring 2014.

- Bikini starring actors such as Sergio Caballero, Rosario Pardo and Carlos Arces.

The production company Nakamura Films and Servigroup Hotels have signed an agreement for the cultural sponsorship of the short film “Bikini”.Through a collaboration agreement signed this week between Natalia Caballé, responsible for the Hotel groups publicity/image and Jordi Llorca executive producer of this project, Servigroup hotels becomes the cultural sponsor of this film “Bikini”, as done so previously by Benidorm’s Council who helped with the final phase of production of this short film.

Servigroup Nakamura Films

The film “Bikini” written and directed Óscar Bernàcer (“Desayuno con diadema”, “Les sabatilles de Laura”) has a cast of famous actors: Sergio Caballero (“Da Capo”, “El cor de la ciutat”, “El Secreto de Puente Viejo”), Carlos Areces (“Balada triste de trompeta”, “Los amantes pasajeros” “Muchachada Nui”), and Rosario Pardo (“Tapas”, “Doctor Mateo”, “Cuéntame”).

Sergio Caballero plays the part of Pedro Zaragoza, Mayor of Benidorm, the mayor knew that Benidorm’s future lay in tourism and this included that women be allowed to wear a Bikini on the beach, this caused problems for the Mayor with the Catholic Church which threatened to excommunicate him. Zaragoza decided to go straight to the top and ask Francisco Franco in person to authorise the use of the Bikini. He travelled to Madrid on his Vespa motorbike to try and convince Franco that Benidorm could become prosperous with tourism if tourists were allowed to wear Bikinis. Carlos Areces plays Francisco Franco for the fourth time, whilst Rosario Pardo takes on the role of Carmen Polo who was very involved in state affairs.

Escena Bikini Benidorm

With the monetary contribution made by Servigroup Hotels they will be able to start the process of postproduction, whilst the producer continues with its campaign of capturing more sponsors such as businesses and institutions, and also through micro patronage via the website Verkami del proyecto.

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