Servigroup signs an agreement to offer gluten free cuisine for Celiacs

Servigroup Hotels has signed an agreement with FACE (Federation of Associations for Celiacs in Spain) to offer suitable gluten-free cuisine for celiac people.

The agreement process began on February 25, as María Luján (food safety and nutrition coordinator from FACE) provided a practical training course at the Diplomatic Hotel in Benidorm about the illness and the gluten free diet it requires (suitable products, preparation methods, risk free storage and presentation) to the restaurant managers and head chef’s from the hotel chain.

Since August 2010 Servigroup has offered a menu for people who do not have gluten tolerance under the guarantee of the Federation of Celiac Association and regulated by ACECOVA (Association of Celiacs for the Valencian Community) in eleven of its hotels. In fact, it was the first hotel chain in Benidorm to offer a regulated menu, being pioneers in offering a gluten free holiday in the Valencian Community.

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Five years before, in 2005 the hotel chain also offered food products for guests with this condition, (although not in a way regulated by specialist federations and associations), thus showing its concern in this matter.

Servigroup buffets offer guests a special gluten–free menu which should be requested at breakfast time ready for lunch and dinner. Cornflakes, Manchego cheese, rice pasta with tomato, peas with ham, seafood paella, quiche Lorraine and egg custard are some of the twenty options from which guests who require a gluten-free diet can choose. The cost of this type of food product is much higher than other foods; however Servigroup does not charge any extra for this service.

Celiac disease is intolerance to gluten, a protein that is found in some cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats, causing a villous atrophy in the upper small intestine.

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More about FACE:

Federation of Celiac Spain (FACE) is a nonprofit social organisation, created in 1994, operating at state level. Its main function is to ensure the welfare and quality of life of those suffering from gluten intolerance. The main actions taken by FACE are developing a list of foods suitable for celiacs and the “Controlado por FACE” Quality Label is intended as a way of ensuring the consumer that products bearing the seal have satisfied all of the requirements set down by FACE regarding maximum gluten level, thereby guaranteeing that it is safe for celiacs." FACE supports and encourages manufacturers to create gluten-free products, and requires the government to take measures in their favor. Furthermore they also provide training for companies, institutions, etc.. upon request, and are in constant contact with health professionals, research teams ,and the media ... to promote awareness of this disease and the conditions to achieve a normalised life . "

FACE Communication Departament
Francisco José Santiago Garrido • • (+34) 915 475 411

HOTELES SERVIGROUP Communications Departament
Pepi Llinares Marín • • 96 585 06 60

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