Eight edition of the Servigroup Gastronomic Days

Servigroup Hotels celebrated the eighth edition of its traditional Gastronomic Days on 16th and 17th February at the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli in Villajoyosa.

Under the slogan “Process standardization”, this was the start of two intense days of work that brought together all Servigroup chefs and maîtres in order to enrich its exquisite cuisine and to develop new technologies and development strategies ahead of the new season.

Eight edition of Gastronomic Days

The event delivered its usual awards, Gregorio Sebastian from Hotel Venus (Benidorm) for the best recipe “Chicken sacha sauce and noodles” and another prize for the maître Alfonso Sillero from Calypso Hotel in Benidorm for the best decorated buffets.  The recipe award was not only marked on for its complicity of the recipe but also the flavour and presentation of the dish, voted by the contestants themselves during the previous meal.  As for the prize for the best decorated one, it was taken into consideration the work and effort made by the maîtres of each hotel throughout the year to enhance the buffet dishes and make the most of your culinary offer.

Another important novelty this year was the presentation of the new Servigroup book of desserts, gathering the best baking recipes from the 16 Servigroup Hotels which is due to be released throughout this year.

Food is one of Servigroups strengths, special attention is given to the whole process, techniques, trends and culinary to offer quality cuisine to their guests. The event has become a definite must for the Central Purchasing and Food & Beverages of Servigroup, the Quality Department and the chefs and managers,  new ideas for theme buffets are set, new dishes, buffet presentations, as well as the monitoring and control of quality standards. 

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