Ceramic Exhibition at the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli

The Hotel Servigroup Montíboli is currently hosting an exhibition of ceramic sculptures, in 2013, eight sculptors, each with their own personal style, decided to form a work group. All coinciding in their passion for sculpture and the creative use of fire, FUEGO Y VOLUMEN, composed of 6 potters: Loles Guardiola, Roser Caballé, Carmen Moya, Pilar Chalóns, Mati Zamorano and Vicenta Plá.

The exhibition opened on the afternoon of the 6th of October and will remain open until December in the Hotels pink and blue lounge rooms.

2014 ceramic exhibition

In 2013 eight sculptors, each with their own individual style decided to form a work group. All coinciding with their passion for sculpting and use of fire in this creative process, hence the name “Fuego y Volumen”.

Exhibiting beautifully decorative high- quality figurative ceramics that transmit modernity and positivity.

The hotel often leases space to host photographic, sculpture and art exhibitions, all under the initiative called Cultural Montíboli, a Project that began in 2008 to mark the 40th anniversary of the hotel.

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