Hotel Servigroup Romana hosts the first Alcossebre international chess tournament

The Hotel Servigroup Romana in Alcocéber (Castellón) hosted during the 19th, 20th and 21st September the first Alcossebre IRT, an international chess scoring competition for the ELO international ranking.

The tournament was attended by 84 participants and was organised by the Alcalà de Xivert chess club and took place within the facilities of the hotel as in previous years. The club organises several tournaments a year and has 40 years of history.

Alcossebre chess tournament

The competition was very interesting and the following results were obtained:

In group A, first place went to Oriol Porta del Ateneu Colón from Barcelona. Second and third place went to Pablo Aymerich and Pabo Amarós respectively.

In group B, the player Jaime Lloret took the glory with a definite win of 6.5 points out of a possible 7. The other players from the region finished as follows, with 4.5 points Juanma Lavernia (Alcalá) and with 3 points Ramiro Trujillo (Vinarós), Pau Morales (Vinarós), Marc Lavernia (Alcalà), Joaquín Sanz (Vinarós) and Diego Zafra (Vinarós).

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