We bet for the quality and novelty in our 'X Gastronomic Days'

On February 20th the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli once again became the scene of the Gastronomic Days, in which every year gathers the head chefs and restaurant managers of the different hotels in the chain.


New trends for buffets

Speakers and attendees at the Servigroup Gastronomy days

During this tenth edition of the Gastronomic Days of Servigroup, the hotel chain based in Benidorm, once again gave time to the different proposals and novelties that are taking place in the wide field of hospitality.

All this was as always carried out with the basic premise of training. The theme this year was based on "Trends in Hotel Buffet".


An unbeatable meeting point

Exposition of cheeses at the Servigroup Hotel Montiboli

This also constitutes a great meeting point for professionals from different establishments, who always find these conferences an excellent opportunity to learn from all the different proposals and contributions that are often put forward by their colleagues.

All this is carried out with the firmest objective, which is standardizing our processes and unifying the different criteria. The idea is to improve the style, which for more than four decades has characterized the cuisine of the hotel group.

During the first day of the conference, a special section was given to healthy and attractive cuisine, showing off these new trends in the buffet that once again caught the attention and impressed all of the attendees. Also enjoying the popular competition of the gastronomic days conference of Servigroup, which was based on the preparation of a regional dish; and the presentation of the Restaurant satisfaction prize.

At all times our aim is to offer quality cuisine, which is why we like to include the use of fusion cuisine which always characterizes the most original and attractive dishes that are displayed in the buffets of the different Servigroup hotels.


The award winners: Romana and Venus Hotels

Restaurant managers and Head chefs during the conference

One of the most exciting moments of the Gastronomic conference at Hotel Montiboli, each year is the presentation of a dish cooked by each of the sixteen chefs, among which a winner is chosen.

This year’s proposal was the development of a regional dish which was to be presented to the judges by each of the chefs of the Servigroup chain. A complicated choice for the jury, presenting 16 regional dishes, which were very competitive and showed impeccable presentation.

This year it was the turn of the head chef from the Hotel Servigroup Romana, who took the winning prize at the Servigroup Gastronomic Conference. The chef at the Hotel in Alcocéber presented his Calamaret dish, with baby broad beans and artichokes. A master full dish prepared by chef Rubén García.

Other proposals that, although they did not manage to win, did achieve the admiration and respect of the jury, were those presented by the Hotel Servigroup Nereo, Coca de melva (melva tart); and the one presented by Servigroup Orange, Pork sirloin with medlars.

Also, during the conference, the restaurant managers of all the establishments compete to obtain the prize of customer satisfaction in the restaurant. In this category the award winner was Agustín Sánchez Girela, restaurant manager of the Hotel Servigroup Venus.


The speakers at the Gastronomy Days Conference

Sweet Show cooking Servigroup Hotels

A special mention to Alfredo Garfellá, head of purchasing for Servigroup Hotels; Gregorio Sebastián, kitchen coordinator; Mº Ángeles Beltrán, quality coordinator; and Alfonso Sillero, restaurant manager from the Hotel Servigroup Calypso, who were the speakers at this 10th Gastronomic Conference of Servigroup. A collection of presentations that was completed with pastry workshops and with the presentation of a series of new products, which will be integrated into the new menu program. On the other hand, the new proposals for the thematic nights of the next season were also made public.


Second day of the Gastronomy days: Visit to Cobopa

Presentation of new bakery products

The second day of the Gastronomic Days was dedicated to visiting the facilities of Cobopa in Valencia. It is one of the best-known bread and pastry factories in the country, a direct supplier of Servigroup Hotels.

The day began with a talk in which the origins and development of the factory were explained, throughout five decades they have been offering their extremely varied products. Then they proceeded onto an exhaustive visit of their facilities, through which the maîtres and the kitchen managers could get to know the operation of the factory in depth.


Other meetings

During the next few weeks, Alfredo Garfellá, head of purchasing for Servigroup Hotels, has planned the organization of similar events, which will include meetings between heads of other departments.

A meeting will be held shortly for all the maîtres of the chain; the housekeepers of Servigroup will be invited to attend the textile factory of Vayfesa in the town of Banyeres de Mariola; and finally, it will be the turn of the bar managers who will enjoy the last conference, that will close this round of meetings of the heads of departments.

These have been without a doubt, a couple of magnificent days, in which, as every year, it has been possible to put together the best and most current knowledge of everything related to culinary and the highest quality cuisine.

Hoteles Servigroup, works hard 365 days a year so that its wide and varied cuisine is of the maximum pleasure for its customers.

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