Colombia awards the Great Caldas Shield to José María Caballé for promoting tourism and educational development in the region

The president and founder of Hoteles Servigroup, José María Caballé, has received the Great Shield of the department of Caldas (Colombia), for his outstanding work for the benefit of tourism and educational development in the region.

The Servigroup Hotels chain owns a hotel in Manizales, Hotel Benidorm, and the company helps to train Colombian students every year in its Spanish Levante establishments.


Presentation of diplomas to the students of Manizales who have and are completing their tourism practical in Benidorm

Servigroup Hotels has delivered the accrediting diplomas to the six Colombian students who have and are participating in the training program, received in the establishments that the hotel chain has in Benidorm.

An academic program whose objective is to strengthen its technical and technological training and thus strengthen its labor insertion in the tourism sector of its country.

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Servigroup Hotels renews their agreement with FACE to offer gluten-free menus to celiac guests in their establishments

Another year on and Servigroup Hotels maintains its commitment to supporting people with celiac disease, with the renewal of the collaboration agreement, which they have maintained since 2014 with FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain).

The agreement was signed for the first time in 2014, although since 2010 Servigroup already had the recognition from ACECOVA (Association of Celiacs of the Valencian Community) and unofficially has been working since 2005 to offer a maximum guarantee and security service to people with celiac disease.

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