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At Servigroup Hotels we are continuously working so that both children and adults can enjoy the best varied entertainment during high season, Easter and Summer.

To give you an idea of how our guests have enjoyed this summer here is a copy of the programme which has been so popular that many guests have not left the hotel during their stay!

The programme included shows in synchronization with the big screen, sports activities, great variety of musical shows, fun games and competitions for all ages, this has made our guests holidays an unforgettable adventure.

Enjoy a unique experience with your children

At Servigroup Hotels we are aware of the fact that our guests do not only choose our hotels for the destination but also for the additional complimentary offer of entertainment and fun. For this reason we are constantly striving to make sure that our guests holidays are an unforgettable experience.



For the Little ones, the best option is the “Club Delfi”, a space run by our mascot Delfi and his team of entertainers, where the children have fun whilst learning at the same time.

We offer children’s entertainment adapted to different ages, with the firm intention that children will enjoy the best themed sessions, games, crafts and the now traditional Delfi drawing competition.

Some of the activities from this summers programme were:

  • Theme days (pirate, superheroes, ecological, Indian…)
  • Water Games
  • Games activities (darts, crossbow, petanque, bowling…)
  • Crafts
  • Gymkanas
  • Musical Games
  • Face painting
  • Workshops (theatre, minichef, laboratory…)
  • Minidisco


On the other hand we try our best to entertain both our adolescent and adult clients, starting in the morning with activities in the pool area and continuing with the fun into the evening, when our hotels convert into the heart of Broadway with fantastic shows and musicals.

Some of our day-time activities were:

  • Water games (water polo, water volleyball)
  • Themed family days
  • Games and activities (darts, petanque, sjoelen…)
  • Workshops (cocktail demonstration, manicures, facial masks…)
  • Fitness activities (aguagym, aquadance, gym, zumba, dance classes…)
  • Stretching yoga and pilates



As for the night-time shows our animation team represented tributes to some of the most popular musicals. Spectacular musical shows in synchronization with the big screen.

The musicals that we have offered this summer in Mojacar and Benidorm have been the following:

  • Tribute to “Good Rockin”
  • Tribute to “Disney”
  • Tribute to “Musical Explosion”
  • Tribute to “Man behind the mask”
  • Tribute to “Lion King”
  • Tribute to “Magikae”
  • Tribute to “IOL”
  • Tribute to “Broadway”

After reading about the fun times that our guests have had this summer Make your reservation and do not miss out on the entertainment and activities we have planned for the next summer season!

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