Get to know DELFI and experience a world of fun.

Delfi is the children’s club mascot of Servigroup Hotels, a friendly dolphin dressed as a sailor, who loves children and having a fun time with them.

At the Club Delfi children from 4-10 years, and children under 4 years accompanied by an adult, can participate in various workshops such as painting, drawing, arts and crafts, watch children’s films as well as participating in games organised by the entertainments team of the hotel.

With the Delfi mascot you will have a great time, get to know her and take photos with her. On enrolling you will also receive a personalized club card at the hotel.

The club is open when Delfi is not at school, that means over Easter and in summer (check dates with the hotel).

To become a club member, you only have to enroll in the club, during your stay at the hotel of via our website The subscription should be signed by your parent or tutor. Being a member implies being informed of and benefiting from the special offers for member of the club which will be advised by our newsletter via the email address you gave us, probably that of your parents.

Delfi also has her own webpage,, where you can upload photos, paint and colour in, see the fun club video and enroll and find out more about our promotions and special offers for members of the club.

Delfi's Club Servigroup Trinimar Hotel Delfi's Club Servigroup Trinimar Hotel
Servigroup Trinimar Hotel ★★★★

One of the favorite facilities for the little ones is the Club Delfi, a bright and attractive space full of activities, an area in which the sole purpose is helping them enjoy the most unforgettable and fun filled vacations.

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