Come to the Love Garden in Mojácar on San Valentín

It was in 2013 when Valentine's Day became an important date in  the Servigroup Marina Playa Hotel the reason being the opening of the symbolic Garden of Love

Entrada Jardín de los candados de Mojácar

This special garden is symbolic because of the significance of the emblematic padlocks. From its opening, its a great tradition for couples to hang a padlock from the decorative iron work on the Windows.

If you decide to visit this hotel, you will find the garden just after the swimming pool area passing the small bar.

Mojacar Love Garden

Once there you and your partner must open the padlock and write both of your initials, the date and a romantic phrase then hang it on the iron window frame before closing. And what better place to be a witness of the eternal love you feel for one another than the Mediterranean Sea. The essence of this special garden allows the lovely sentiment that unites you to be sealed and everlasting.

If you are a resident in the Hotel Marina Playa in Mojacar but do not have a padlock you can enquire at the reception desk where they will offer you the varios options. Then you can prepare yourselves for this lovely experience in the romantic atmosphere of the Almerian Coast.

Hotel Marina Playa padlocks

The origin of the garden comes from a fable that started in the last century in Italy. It was on the Milvio Bridge in Rome where this tradition started later to extend to other cities until its became most popular on one of the bridges that cross the River Seine in Paris the “Ponts des Arts” (until 2015).

If you have ever had the opportunity to see this, from a distance it is one of the most eye-catching aspects of the old bridge of love locks in Paris the visual effect created because of the thousands of locks resembles a large golden triangle.

The Bridge of love locks in Paris

Its is said that the tradition of hanging the padlocks has become more of a trend due to the famous romantic novelist Federico Moccia. Proof of this is that as from the publication of his novel Tengo Ganas de Ti ( I need you) in 2006 this practice has grown inmensley, in lots of romantic places streets, gardens, and stairs imitating the books main characters. This novel was made into a film by the director Fernando Gonzalez Molina in 2012.

Although our hotel on the Almerian Coast is in a simpler ambience than the bridges of Rome or Paris, the magical and beautifull surroundings will make you and your partner feel just as special.

Furthermore due the the extreme weight a lot of the padlocks are being removed from some of these bridges but our special garden has no limits. For this reason there will always be a space for the love lock that you always longed to hang with your partner but just never knew where.

If your chosen destination is Mojacar, then you must  pay a visit to the Garden of Love, following a romantic especial massage for couples in our wellness centre.

Apart from enjoying an unbeatable Saint Valentines in our hotel in Mojacar, you can enjoy a romantic weekend in any of the other Servigroup Hotels. All of our hotels in Benidorm will be decorated for the occasion allowing you to enjoy this day with your soul mate.

Hotel Diplomatic de Benidorm decor on Valentine's day

Our other hotels Servigroup Montiboli in Villajoyosa and La Zenia Hotel in Orihuela Coast will also be prepared for Saint Valentine's Day.

Regardless of the option you choose don't forget to spoil your partner and enjoy this day to the full and above everything be happy.

We are waiting to welcome you...!!

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