Valentine, a curious story of neighborly love

Legend has it that Valentine of Terni was a third-century physician D.C. He became a priest, who decided to help couples who were forbidden to marry.

It turns out that the young soldiers of the Emperor Claudius II could not form a family, because he had to devote himself, body and soul to the army. To Valentine of Terni this seemed very unfair and pitied them, so he started to celebrate marriages between soldiers and their loved ones in hiding.

Word soon spread and the priest was arrested, as was seen coming for subversive and facilitator of forbidden unions, with the aggravating circumstance of being official propagator of the Christian faith. Once in prison, he fell in love with the jailors blind daughter, to which he gave sight by the grace of Christ. This was too much for the emperor, who beheaded the priest, but not before giving it an unspeakable martyrdom, and Valentine of Terni suffered a terrible death in the name of love. A total melodrama.

On 14 February a couple of centuries later, Pope Gelasius I established this day as Valentine's Day, in memory of that priest executed the same day of the year 270 AD, and Valentine became Valentine, patron saint of lovers.

Servigroup Hotels loving decorations

Now we are in the Western world, celebrating the best possible way this romantic day to honor the misfortune of this man who gave everything for love. We will not ask you to go through a similar Valentine Terni, quite the contrary, martyrdom did his part and what is left is for us to enjoy what he defended, the least we can do is show that special person our sincere love.

Sometimes it's hard to express our feelings and we decide to ignore the day of love with the excuse that this day is sometimes somewhat maligned for its consumer character, but deep down we love to celebrate, to give and to get.

Haven’t you decided what to give yet? It's normal, you think you already have everything, because we’ve just had Christmas, Kings and the Sales. Let's review things: clothing, accessories for the office ... what's missing? What we lack is: peace, relaxation and fun, something you can never have enough of. So we suggest rest and give unforgettable experiences and romantic dinners, climate, beach and evening strolls.

In Servigroup we boast about being matchmakers, we have had many love stories in our hotels. It’s because we offer such romantic destinations that'll leave your partner speechless.

As a recommendation, take him to the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli with his eyes closed. When you are on the balcony, open your eyes and discover the infinitive mediterranean sea that lies before you. Take advantage of our unique Valentine 2016 offer. Being there already is like being in a movie, look what we have prepared for you to help you fall in love:

- Accommodation in double room with Colonial and Modern Breakfast

- An entrance to our water circuit Servigroup Wellness & Spa per person

- Cava and exquisite strawberries with chocolate in the room

- A wonderful romantic dinner on the night of February 13 at the Emperor restaurant with drinks included

In the Mojácar's Servigroup Marina Playa we can find another deluxe opportunity to give yourselves a caprice: a Massage for Couples Offer, take advantage of it.

In Benidorm and La Zenia we also do something very special on that day: the Servigroup Hotels are decorated with loving decorations, heart balloons, red garlands and love letters. Find a special Valentine detail in the room and you can enjoy evening entertainment until midnight (the Servigroup Torre Dorada will have dancing and live music until 1:00 AM).

The Valentine buffet in Servigroup Hotels is spectacular, the chef unleashes days of imagination with creative desserts, many hearts and lots of love. You can choose from a variety of dishes, well prepared and presented (this year special buffet dinner will take place on Saturday, February 13).

If you book online as always you will receive a welcome gift in the room for you to remember your stay with us. If you stay 3 nights or more, we further invite you to a drink per person at the hotel bar (except for drinks and Charter Bar Delicatessen except Hotel Servigroup Montíboli) and one entry per person to the Wellness Center hotel where you stay if you have these facilities. The hotels have Wellness Center are Servigroup Diplomatic Servigroup Galúa, Servigroup La Zenia Servigroup Marina Mar Servigroup Marina Playa Servigroup Papa Luna.

Trust us to devote to your partner an unforgettable gift, you know us, we are professionals and experienced, we are Servigroup.

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