The Mojaquera is back

On the 7th May, Mojácar will once again become one of the most important areas with reference to this exciting national sport. In particular, cycling, which is always at the top of the sports field in Almeria. Our traditional race of La Mojaquera, which this time forms a fundamental part of the Andalusian BTT ranking and the provincial circuit of Almeria, again comes to tour the roads and trails most representing the characteristic of the Levantine landscape of the Almeria Coast.

In 2016, the fifth edition of La Mojaquera started the Spanish Open that departed from the Mojácar football field and followed a tough climb to the Green Island of Almeria, also known as the popular Sierra Cabrera.

The route ascended to a maximum height of 700 meters and reached a slope of 1900 mtrs.

For this impending sixth edition, the route will have a series of modifications, although including as always, the Sierra Cabrera as its main protagonist. Also including the most beautiful landscapes and trails throughout the local areas of Mojácar, Turre, Carboneras and Sorbas as part of its route and will not disappoint.

The Mojaquera of Sierra Cabrera in Mojácar

This year, the Serra de Cabo de Gata (national park) remains part of the La Mojaquera completing an itinerary that remains just as complicated. In this continual ascent through the Serrata de Almería, and also the Sierra Cabrera, our participants will have to travers ramps, complex dirt roads and an abundance of long unpaved stretches that promise to make this Mojaquera 2017 an undoubtedly explosive race.

This new fusion of sea and mountain affords you a journey of 70 kilometres in which you will have to overcome the rough terrain of 2300 meters, surpassing the 1900 of last year.


How to participate in the La Mojaquera?

The race will start on Sunday, May 7 at 9:00 am. It will have a maximum of 500 participants, and to register you must complete the registration form that you can find on the federations website. The deadline for registration ends on the 4th of May at 3:00 p.m.

The categories will be: female sub-23, sub 23 male, Master 60, Female Master 50, Female Master 40, Male Master 40, Female 30 Master, Male 30 Master, Junior Female, Junior, Female Elite, Male Elite and Cycle tourism.

The registration fee will be 15€uros for federated participants and 25€uros for non-federated participants.


6 years of the Mojaquera

For the sixth edition of the Mojaquera, its organizer Gerardo Martínez will once again take the lead in this exciting sporting event, characterized by this love of cycling and the strong desire for improvement, which shows year after year.

It is now 6 years that we have been celebrating this complicated but exciting race which emerged as an alternative to the sport on the Almeria Levante.

Goal of The Mojaquera in Sierra Cabrera


How was the Mojaquera created?

La Mojaquera entered the scene 5 years ago, when it was decided to create a sporting event that would go beyond the traditional encounter between athletes. At the same time, and because of its great potential, it also had the objective of positioning Mojácar in Spain and outside the national territory as an ideal place to practice sports.

Gerardo Martínez Affirms again that these goals can only be achieved by working consistently from the beginning and with a lot of control: "There are events that come and go, and our event is not only maintained, but growing and increasing in importance."

Official poster of The Mojaquera


Servigroup and the Mojaquera

The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa Is once again the protagonist of this cycling event of extreme importance for the province. In addition, this hotel along with the rest of the  Hotels Servigroup chain (in general) are highly involved with cycling. In fact, our hotel in Mojácar receives an important demand from professional and amateur groups throughout the different seasons of the year.

Unlike last year, this year Servigroup is the only official sponsor with regards to hotel companies. 

Hotel Marina playa in Mojácar

In fact, for this VI edition of La Mojaquera, the presentation, as well as other events related to the race (awards, final meal after the race, among others) will take place in our Hotel Marina Playa.


La Serrata del Cabo de Gata (Nature Park)

If you decide to participate in this Andalusian race, the Serrata will show you some amazing landscape, which although somewhat less controversial than those of the green island, you will also be witness to the considerable geological value that goes hand in hand with a flora and fauna, which is protected at all times.

The Mojaquera ascent to Sierra Cabrera

This great variety so typical of La Serrata, make this small mountainous range, one of the most peculiar surroundings of the Cabo de Gata nature park and the coastal area of Almeria. In addition, its groves, pastures, vineyards and orchards will surprise you along this ascent. 


Sierra Cabrera

The Sierra Cabrera is a true reflection of a past that was mainly devoted to agriculture, and from which you can still recognize certain details as you ascend the mountains.

Subiendo the Mojacar Green Island

Proof of this are the numerous carobs, vines, almonds and olives which are frequently found around the old cortijadas, (farm houses) many of them unpopulated.

In spite of some slopes (which will not go unnoticed), along the ascent you can also find some fountains, mountain springs and brooks, as well as some areas where hikers and athletes in general usually make their stops to contemplate the beautiful views.                              

On the other hand, some bridges will take you deep into the mountains, where Arab and Western cultures converge to form a beautiful and peculiar landscape.

Almeria Green Island

Its great views from the top of the mountain will allow you to enjoy that unusual mixture of the beautiful coastline mixing with the amazing mountain ranges. You can see from above the Sierra de Filebres the Sierra de Baza, and the Sierra Nevada itself, as well as some of the best sea views s that will appear as you continue your journey. From the highest point, you can see the border of Andalusia merging with the province of Murcia.

Other highlights of this race are also some of the hilly areas, such as the Umbria of Tali and the Cerro de los Cortijos.

In short, a combination of slopes and inclines, marked by contrast and steeped in history.

Good Luck to all the participants ...!!

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