Rise racing between the sea and the dessert. The Mojaquera is here!!

This year, we in Almeria, are honoured and lucky. The reason being, our traditional race named “The Mojaquera” has been chosen as the first leg of the imminent Spanish Open Marathon XCM. This gives this sporting event, special importance, far beyond the borders of the Almeria Coast.

This inclusion will give much more motivation for a particular group of athletes who enjoy participating in this race; the presentation will take place in our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa.

What is the Mojaquera?

This mixed competition, which will be held on Sunday April 24, will start from the Mojacar football ground, starting with a complicated path consisting of a climb up the Sierra Cabrera 68km. This scenic route, which never loses sight of the coast, reaches 1900 meters in height with a maximum altitude of 700 meters.

The Mojaquera will not easy for our participants, as this long journey will involve dirt roads, trails, ravines, ramps and slopes.

Three cyclists

Mount Cabrera

Our Mount Cabrera, known to many as the green island of Almería, is a true reflection of a past that was mainly engaged in agriculture, as is noted throughout the climb up the mountain.

Proof of this is seen in the numerous carob trees, vines, almond and olive trees, very frequently found around the old farmhouses, many of them now unpopulated.

Throughout the ascent you may also find some fresh water springs and various river beds, where walkers and athletes in general tend to make their stops to contemplate the fabulous views.

On the other hand, some paths will take you deep into the mountains, where Arab and Western cultures are mixed together to create a beautiful and unique landscape.

This great view from the top of the mountain allows us to see where the coast line meets the mountain range. As our participants descend they will have views of the Sierra de Filebres, the Sierra de Baza, and the Sierra Nevada, as well as some of the beautiful coasts. You can even get to see from the top where Andalusia meets with the province of Murcia.

Some of the highlights of this race are some famous hills, like La Umbria Tali and the Cerro de los Cortijos.
In short, a mixture of more and less inclined slopes, marked by the contrast and strong historical burden put on this land.

5 Years celebrating the Mojaquera

It is now 5 years that we have celebrated this difficult but exciting race, which emerged as an alternative for the sport Levante of Almeria. This year the premium joy among the participants, is generally the feeling of belonging and identifying with the Open in Spain. In fact, its organizer and creator, Gerardo Martínez, stated that, participants of The Mojaquera define the very essence of the race.

How The Mojaquera was created

The Mojaquera started 5 years ago, with the aim of creating a sporting event that goes far beyond the traditional meeting among athletes. At the same time, showing the great potential, Mojacar has in Spain and outside the country, as an ideal place for sport.

Gerardo Martinez, creator of The Mojaquera says that these goals can only be achieved by working consistently from the beginning and with a lot of control: << There are events that come and go, and our race not only has been running 5 consecutive years but is growing and becoming increasingly important >>.

The Mojaquera in the Open of Spain

To form part of The Open of Spain is no easy task, since there is a complicated selection. In fact, the RFEC (Royal Spanish Cycling Federation) is the one that decides on the basis of different criteria, which this year has included the Mojaquera.

There are three factors that make this race an essential event:

- Good condition of roads in the vicinity of Mojacar, good weather, beaches and growing tourism.
- The progress of the race over these few years.
- The strong support that the hotel industry has always given to this event.

Cyclists starting the race

Servigroup and the Mojaquera

The Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa is hosting once again a cycling sporting event of great importance, since both the hotel and the Servigroup chain of hotels in general are highly involved with this sport. In fact, our Mojacar hotel receives a significant demand for professionals and amateur groups throughout the different season’s each year.
This time, our hotel will be the gateway to an event that is becoming more important, and we hope we see you there.

Good luck to all the participants!!!

Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and the sea

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