The magic of the night of San Juan

There are many rituals of this magical night of fun and superstition, the majority of them revolve around the exaltation of fire and water. Fire is for the fulfillment of wishes and to bring good luck, by circling several times around it. The water also serves the same function, as swimming or jumping over the waves on the night of San Juan brings good health throughout the whole year, attracts fertility and repels negative energies.

San Juan in Peñíscola

The night of San Juan is celebrated on June 23rd, eve of the celebration of John the Baptist. It is the longest day of the year and its closeness to the summer solstice (June 21) in the northern hemisphere (winter for the southern hemisphere) gives it that magical character as paying tribute to the sun has been a celebrated phenomenon throughout the history of civilization through all kinds of rituals to ensure future crops and to attract good luck.

A night that that gives room to superstition and celebration, with traditional dancing and leaping around bonfires, swimming in the sea and jumping over the waves, writing wishes on paper and the burning of bad omens are some of the myths to make wishes come true on mystical romantic night full of magnetism and energy.

Can you imagine celebrating this day on a Mediterranean beach? On the coastal areas tributes are made close to the sea shore, there you will find the best options for celebrating this day in a special way.

San Juan in Orihuela Costa

In Benidorm, hotels such as the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm intend to celebrate it in a mysterious atmosphere, inviting their guests to an authentic Galician hot punch with its traditional sorcery against curses that will scare away the evil spirits. The magic of resorts such as Peñíscola include the fire ritual on the North Beach (right opposite the hotel) where each family staying at the Hotel Papa Luna will take a large candle that will symbolise the bonfire, there will be the burning of wishes in a specially adapted urn and the traditional jumping over the waves of the sea at midnight. In Orihuela Costa, at the La Zenia Hotel, it has become tradition to write down wishes and fly paper lanterns up to the night sky, emulating old rituals of the old orient like the famous Loy Krathong. In Mojácar you can’t miss the Ibizan rhythm of the beach bar at the Hotels Servigroup Marina Mar and Servigroup Marina Playa with the fire ritual, getting your feet wet on the shore and finishing the night off drinking a delicious mojito or an exotic gin and tonic to the rhythm of the music until you drop.

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