"La Vuelta" comes to Benidorm and Peñíscola

As you may know, at Servigroup Hotels we are always supportive to those who have a liking for or are passionate about cycling.

In fact, a few months ago, we dedicated an entire publication to the popular race “La Mojaquera”, which takes place every year in Mojácar. We highlighted the importance that the Mojaquera has in the Spanish Open and made very clear the involvement of Servigroup Hotels in this outstanding sporting event. As a matter of fact, the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and the Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar played an important role in the Mojaquera 2016

Now we are going to focus on what is undoubtedly the major cycling phenomenon in Spain as well as one of the most important races worldwide. As after the Tour de France, comes the Cyclist Spanish Vuelta.

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On August 20th, the 71st edition of the Vuelta will begin. On this occasion, the starting point will be Laias in the province of Orense and the finishing point will be in Madrid on September 11th.

With a total of 21 legs, la Vuelta Ciclista will have a total route of 3277, 3 km.

At Servigroup Hotels, we will be engrossed from Peñiscola to Benidorm, given that this summer la Vuelta ciclista will pass though both locations on the Levante coast.

It will be on September 5th when the Spanish Vuelta reaches Peñiscola on its seventeenth leg. The route will cover a total of 158 kilometres and will set off from the Aragon town of Alcañiz. The midway points in which la Vuelta will pass through throughout this stretch will be Calanda, Mas de las Matas, Sorita del Maestral, reaching the highest point Alto Morella at 960metres. After passing through the Morellana area, it will begin a gradual decline from inland to the coast of Vinarós, passing through Vallivana, Anroig and Traiguera.

Once the participants have reached the Vinarós coast, they will proceed through Benicarló to round off this complicated route in the town of Peñiscola.

Therefore, for those who have planned to stay at the Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna in Peñiscola, don’t forget to watch out for the final leg of the race so you can watch it live.

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For those who have a reservation at the Hotel Romana in Alcocéber and don’t want to miss this final leg of la Vuelta Ciclista 2016 in Peñiscola, we remind you that you can reach this symbolic coastal town in the north of Castellón in less than half an hour.

And just five days after la Vuelta passes through Peñiscola, Benidorm will be a very significant place as we will be celebrating what will surely be the hardest day of la Vuelta 2016. We are talking about the penultimate leg, only one day away from the final route.

It will be on September 10th when la Vuelta Ciclista 2016 will set off from the small town of skyscrapers ascending towards the Aitana Mountain range in order to finish this leg in the Alicante town of Sella.

The twentieth leg of la vuelta ciclista a Españan 2016 in Benidorm, will continue its journey through the following points, Carmona, Coll de Rates, Orba, Alto de Ebro, Alto de Tollos, Benimarfull, Alcoy, Benilloba and reaching the highest point at Puerto de Tudons, no less than 1020 metres above sea level. It is from this point when the descent to Relleu begins to end leg number 20 in Sella, 420metres above sea level.

Without doubt, la Vuelta Ciclista a España 2016 will experience its most challenging moments in its twentieth leg, which is when its participants will be approaching the end of the tour with the final leg beginning in the Madrid town of Las Rozas carrying out a short route that will end in Madrid.

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For all fans and supporters of cycling who are going to be staying at any of the 9 Servigroup Hotels in Benidorm, we recommend that you look for a special spot on this day.  Also, not forgetting those who are planning to stay at the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli in Villajoyosa on September 10th. This way you will be able to enjoy the start of this leg, which as we mentioned earlier, will not be easy.     

We’re waiting for you…!!

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