The Tennis Europe Junior Tour is in Benidorm again

Although they are still a few weeks away, we are gradually approaching some of the popular sporting events being held over the course of this summer 2016. This is an important event especially in the under 14 category. We are referring to the Tennis Europe Junior Tour, which is held every year in the town of Benidorm.

Tennis Europe Junior Tour 2016, the hosts will be on the one hand those young athletes who will be playing and competing the next 28th of August, and on the other hand the Tennis Club of Lope de Vega International School, which will once again be organising the championship in Benidorm.

It is a circuit that is orgainised by the International Tennis Organization, and that is always directed to children under the age of 14 years.

In the Tennis Europe Junior Tour, participants can obtain a series of scores that could lead them to the European Master, even to the world tennis rankings.

Founded in 1990, the Tennis Europe Junior Tour is today an institution full of great values that form young athletes with great potential in the field of tennis. In fact, much of the philosophy of this symbolic championship is to "prepare the stars of tomorrow."

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Prominent personalities of elite tennis today such as Andy Murray, Timea Bacsinszky, Justin Henisn, Roger Federer, Dinera Safine, and even Maria Sharapova have been direct participants in this important event that has served and boosted their successful careers.

In fact, a key part of the essence of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour is that the younger players stretch ties with other participants of different nationalities, cultures and languages. All this undoubtedly helps them in their cultural and personal enrichment, and to develop their social skills.

Therefore, this institution tries to strengthen the idea of combining sport with academic life, trying to prevent dropping out at such young ages.

The popular men's tennis star Andy Murray, has mentioned how much these championships meant to him in which he participated throughout his teens, including of course the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. The player sees this institution as the beginning of a possible promising future in which it is not necessary to win. Murray insists that the trophy is not everything and asks the youngsters not to be obsessed with it, but to take advantage of all on offer during the Championship Tennis Europe Junior Tour and take this as an opportunity and an experience that will enable and help them grow professionally and personally.

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Also the star of women's tennis Timea Bacsinszky agreed with her colleague, clarifying that she had lost many tournaments in her youth and that winning is not what matters at this age.

With all this it is clear that the championship Tennis Europe Junior Tour and Tennis as a sport in general go hand in hand with a philosophy, which always instills and encourages the young to remain young and firstly enjoy the sport, learn by their experiences, build a relationship with fellow players whom they meet on court. In short, to try and strive to fulfill their dreams, built from a solid foundation of great importance in this sport.

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We would like to remind you that the Lope de Vega International College is located in the Avenida Ametlla del Mar, next to the nightclub Benidorm Palace and also very near the famous Aqualandia water park. We would also like to mention that in fact it is located in the same avenue as our Hotel Servigroup Nereo, just a short walk of about ten minutes. It is also very close to the Rialto Hotel (Benidorm) and Calypso Hotel (Benidorm).

For those of you whom are staying in any of the other Servigroup hotels in the area of Benidorm Playa Levante and in our Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada Playa de Poniente, there are regular bus services available. And for those of you staying at the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli of Villajoyosa, you also have the TRAM, which is our regional railway line, reaching Benidorm in no time at all.

We hope participants and tennis fans enjoy this spectacular championship Tennis Europe Junior Tour 2016, which once again is being held in Benidorm the next 28th of August.

Opponents on the blue trail

Hope to see you all...!!

Images provided by the tournament organisation

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