Experience the April Fair in Benidorm

Spring has finally arrived, which means that the town folk of Seville will very soon be getting ready for the forthcoming April Fair 2017.  They will set up their marquees to celebrate this popular festivity to the rythym of the most cheery and catchy sevillanas (Seville flamenco music and dance).   

The Benidorm April Fair 2017

This year, the festival will commence in Seville on April 30th at midnight, with the traditional prueba del alumbráo (testing of the lights).    The lights will once again illuminate every street throughout the feria grounds, officially inaugurating the fair.  From this moment on, Seville residents and visitors will be enjoying the music and events that these cosy marquees offer.

This is how the Seville residents spend the run-up to the extreme heat that draws nearer with each passing day. And this traditional colourful merriment, is capable year after year of “catching on” to the rest of the  Spanish population who all await the April Fair    

With a greater worldwide impact and celebrated in a greater number of Spanish towns year on year, the Seville April Fair returns to carry out its special fiesta in Benidorm  


The April Fair in Benidorm

The town of Benidorm pays its personal tribute to the Andalusian región in different ways.  On one hand there are the bars and restaurants in Benidorm, many of whom will pay their own particular homage to the April Fair 2017 from April 30th. On the other hand there is the huge celebration that is held at the symbolic and popular Casa de Andalucia in Benidorm, which will take place on April 22nd (not coinciding with the Seville Fair)

With the first above mentioned, the fiesta is the responsibilty of all those establishments that decide to join the festivity of their own accord, organising their own fair spread out among the different bars and restaurants situated in the areas that most define the town. Although Benidorm will not have an inauguration similar to the traditional alumbrao sevillano, these premises will become very lively from April 30th, with the most popular music from the area as well as the most typical dishes.  Many of them coincided last year with the celebration of the traditional día del pescaito (fried fish day). 

At the same time, the Casa de Andalucia offers a very busy schedule with which a large group of Andalusians will also have a huge party. Another event in which fun, passion and optimisim are always present.

The April Fair of the Casa de Andalucia will be brought forward in this case  to April 22nd, not coinciding this year with the celebration of the Seville Fair. As usual, there will be a street party outside of the establishment where the best appetizers, beers and of course the traditional rebujitos (a tasty blend of traditional sweet wine with lemonade) will be offered.   

The intention, as in previous years, is to celebrate this great fiesta whilst at the same time raising funds for the maintenance of the Virgin del Rocío, to whom Seville folk pay a special worship.

As in previous years, the best food and drink will be combined with the most carefree and entertaining song and dance.  So, should you decide to experience this incredible atmosphere in person, you will experience something very similar to what the great Fair of Seville would offer.     


How was the April Fair created?

In the beginning, the function of the Fair was essentially for comercial purposes, however over the years it has converted into a party.

Seville was conquered during the XIII century and Alfonso X (the wise one) granted permission a few years later for the first fairs to be held, one in

After losing tradition, centuries later a new April Fair was reinvented, approved by the Seville Town Hall on September 18th, 1846. The main advocate, Narciso Bonaplata, city councilor. 

The idea was, that Seville farmers could aquire livestock without having to travel to other more remote locations. So, the Seville Fair rose from the ashes on April 18th, 1847 and 19 marquees were erected, which over the years has multiplied.  

The Sevilla Fair in Abril

Don’t forget, that the Benidorm April Fair 2017 starts on the 22nd. A fiesta that furthermore, from April 30th (until May 7th) you will find in some of the most emblematic establishments in Benidorm.

Once again you will see different individual celebrations, all with a common goal: to celebrate the great Seville Fair.  And Benidorm will once again be besieged by the friendly, cosmopolitan energry that defines it.

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