Servigroup 2016 animation program is ready

With summer just around the corner it's time to start thinking about the holidays, and certainly a big factor to take into account when choosing one hotel over another is the animation that is offered, which is both aimed at children to liven up the holiday and peace of mind as well as fun for the adults. It is clear that the older we are, the more we enjoy good entertainment that is aimed at us, but actually we also enjoy, much more, watching the youngsters having fun.

In addition, we are sure you agree that it is inconceivable to have a holiday where children do not enjoy to the max. That is why every year Servigroup Hotels encourages and improves its children's entertainment service; by being aware of the audience it is directed at. 

More animation staff, more musical numbers, new formats, a larger number of sketches and new giant screens are just some of the changes Servigroup Hotels have planned for the new Summer 2016 entertainment program all this whilst keeping in the favourites such as the daytime activities, mainly incorporating sports such as water aerobics, zumba, water polo, darts, among others, giving a complete and varied program catering for all tastes and ages.

Two summers ago we managed to emotionally excite, our diverse audience in Mojacar, with a creative and original representation based on the classic Walt Disney, The Lion King, which we named King Simba. Given the success in the Servigroup Marina Playa Hotel and Servigroup Marina Mar, for the next season (summer 2015) we decided to try our luck in Benidorm, at the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm this experience had the same results. For the same season (2015) Mojacar offered a new show based on the classic Disney film The Jungle Book, obtaining excellent public approval once again.

The child and the tiger in

For summer 2016, which starts in June, we plan to repeat every Thursday at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm our unique version based on the classic musical Grease, Summer Nights. This is a fun show that for all those who have a soft spot for the music of the 50s and 60s will have fun beyond question. This time, the show will also be offered on Mondays at Hotel Venus in Benidorm.

Peter Pan show in Hotel Pueblo

In addition to the aforementioned shows based on The Lion King at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm and The Jungle Book in Mojacar, on Sunday night in the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada, and Tuesdays at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm we plan to offer, a generic number that will take you on a memorable tour of different stories from many Disney classics.

Another great gem that we will offer this summer at the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada is based on the original ABBA's Mamma Mia musical, in which the best-known songs of the legendary Swedish group will not stop ringing out for nearly two hours.

The actors in the musical based on Mamma Mia

Also we again have a special tribute to Broadway which last year moved the public of the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm, but this year will also have a special show on Thursdays at the Hotel Servigroup Venus, and Friday at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo and also the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada, Playa de Poniente.  

Also our animation team will be repeating the Comedy show, on Friday nights at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm an entertaining representation in which the main objective is to make our audience laugh.  Live events with synchronized projection will once again have their place in our hotels. These incredible shows offer an interactive and coordination, in which audio-visual projections are synchronized with representations from our entertainers and our participating public. Thus, the screen becomes a real decoration that interacts with actors representing each of the numbers. Shows such as Play & Film, Top of the Pops, Invention of Love and Sinc Quat are just waiting to be represented in our hotels in Benidorm: 

Play & Film: This show will take place on Saturdays at the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada, which by synchronizing our stage; will become a real television set, whose theme will focus on a quiz of our cinema classics.

Top of the Pops: which is very similar to the previous format, every Thursday night, also at the Hotel Torre Dorada, in this our animation team offer a very emotional show. The synchronized show Top of Pops is to ask questions about musical themes, obviously with the constant participation of our guests.

Invention of love: in this case we have a show about love by three emotional characters. This will take place on Monday at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm and Thursday at the Hotel Servigroup Venus.

The show

Quad Sync: Synchronized representation among the entertainers, the audience and the screen where our customers interact by playing the classic game of Oca (similar to snakes and ladders).

Not forgetting that for all our guests of the 9 hotels Servigroup in Benidorm and the Servigroup Montíboli Hotel of Villajoyosa, we continue to offer the fabulous show Icons at the spectacular Benidorm Palace every Wednesday at 22.00 h.

And for you all football fanatics, enjoy the Euro Cup 2016 whilst staying in Servigroup Hotels.

In other destinations fun and entertainment are also more than insured. Friday at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar and Saturdays at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, the children's show based on The Jungle Book will have a definite place throughout the whole summer season. The Broadway show will also have a special niche in the two hotels in Mojacar, in the Marina Mar Monday, and the Marina Playa on Tuesdays.

Also we will be offer something completely different this year at both hotels, suitable for an audiences of all ages this is a professional Birds of Prey show, in which the protagonists, among other varieties are Eagles, Hawks and Owls. We also have a spectacular magic show at both hotels, where the tricks performed by professionals will leave you amazed with more than one mouth left open. And finally, Wednesdays at the Servigroup Marina Mar and Sundays at the Servigroup Marina Playa, our stages will become the different kingdoms from the popular television series Game of Thrones, which will consist of the public answering a series of questions, then having to pass a series of tests to go to the next realm, encountering mythical exploits and characters from the series.

Now all you have to do is wait to enjoy a spectacular summer.

 We will be waiting for you…!!

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