San Silvestre Race in Benidorm. Popular running event.

If there is a Sporting event that manages to unit athletes around the world, this has to be the San Silvestre Race at Christmas.

An original race, and an exceptional fun sports event.

You can participate in the San Silvestre Race 2017 in your usual sportswear, run alone or as a team, and you can also run in fancy dress. But there’s more, you can also bring your pet along as well.

But whatever you do, it’s clear that if you participate in Benidorms San Silvestre Race it will be the perfect way to end  2017.

Although this popular race is celebrated in some cities normally a few days before the 31st of December, this year Benidorm Race will take place on New Year’s Eve.

This event will once again be organised by Grupo Brotons, which will have everything prepared for Sunday the 31st at 10 a.m. in the Avenida de Europa (Corner of the paseo de Levante).

In addition, the San Silvestre in Benidorm can also be a fun way to meet people from all different cities. In fact, most of the races participants are usually spending a few days in Benidorm, and take the opportunity to run in this fantastic Christmas Race.


Categories San Silvestre Race

San Silvestre in Benidorm

The race will have three categories (4 KM, 2 KM and Children’s category), being the superior a total of 4 kilometres. But if you prefer to opt for the shorter distances, you can choose the 2 kilometres route. This is very popular with families, qualified out of competition.

The route in both cases will be exactly the same, with the difference of having two full laps around the circuit in the 4 kilometres race.

On the other hand, if you have children, you can enroll them in the children’s category, and they can join in  fancy dress if they choose so.


The Route 

San Silvestre in Benidorm

The race will start in the Avenida de Europa, along the Levante promenade will then continue along Avenida de Alcoy then along the emblematic Avenida del Mediterráneo towards the poniente, until you arrive to the finishing line (to the same starting point). Only the participants listed in the 4Km, will be those who will continue with a second round.


The Prizes

San Silvestre Benidorm race prizes

With the exception of the participants in the family category, a series of prizes will be awarded to the winners of the different groups.

In the case of the 4 KM category, the winners will obtain their corresponding trophy, which will be accompanied by a complete Christmas package.

As for San Silvestre Children’s Race, there will also be a trophy and a gift that will be a small token before the Three kings bring the Spanish children their Christmas presents 5 days later.


Pets and Fancy-dress San Silvestre Race

Fancy Dress in Benidorm’s San Silvestre Race

Regardless of the category in which you enroll, you can participate in Fancy dress, and if you choose why not bring your pet along to the San Silvestre race.

In addition, there will also be a prize for three of the pets taking part in the San Silvestre Race.


The origins of the San Silvestre Race.

San Silvestre race at Christmas

This popular race has its origins in Brazil, specifically in the city of Sao Paulo.

In fact, the idea was to create an original and unique Sporting event which would bring together the greatest of Brazilian athletes, in a similar way to the popular torch race, very famous in  Paris at the time.

This race first took place in Spain in 1961, creating a couple of years later the traditional San Silvestre Race Vallecas, originally known as the Vallecas Gran Prix.

But it was from 1973 when this very distinctive event began to celebrate on a yearly basis, extending over the years to different points of the Spanish territory.

Today, more than 200 locations celebrate their annual San Silvestre Race.



How can you sign up for the San Silvestre Race?

To register you must go to the Grupo Brotons website, and download the form. Registration began on the 3rd de November, and the last day to register will be on the 28th of December throughout the day.


Remember that we are waiting for you this Christmas at any of our hotels in Benidorm.

Why not run in the San Silvestre Race in Benidorm?

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