Magic on the beaches in the shortest night of the year

June is here and we are gradually approaching what is known as the shortest night of the year. It’s a symbolic event with fire and sea water and which takes place in different parts of the world in different ways.

For example, in Spain, different towns and villages have different ways to celebrate the event and it is surprising how much enthusiasm and effort is put in by those who participate in the Night of San Juan.

For some, it is only a night when wishes are made. There are those who consider it to be a break from the past and perceive the night of San Juan as a change to a new phase. There are also those who relate this special celebration to superstition or the absurd. Whichever way you look at it, it never ceases to be a fun night in which traditional meetings at the beach, candlelight parades or traditional bonfires take us into the start of summer.

Bonfire in fire

What is a reality is that anyone staying at any of our 16 hotels will have within their reach several beaches where they can make wishes, moon gaze and celebrate their typical rituals on the magical night of San Juan 2016. Also, some of our hotels have entertainment teams that organise guest participation on this special magical night.

This popular celebration originates from fire worship and its Christianisation under the patronage of St John the Baptist.

The bonfires of Alicante held every June celebrate the city’s most spectacular festivity in which it commemorates Alicante farmers who hundreds of years ago took advantage of the longest day of the year to harvest their crops as well as its consequent shortest night to unload and be liberated of all the evils that had dragged over the last twelve months. Villagers went to the beaches or fields where they burned objects, timber and old furniture. At the same time, gunshots and fire crackers added an extra touch to a magical night that didn’t take long to reach the cities and become a huge celebration.

It is in 1928 when an association known as Alicante Attraction (an association that promotes an area in which tourism is encouraged) appears and at the same time bonfires were set alight at a similar level to which the popular Fallas of Valencia are celebrated.

Since then, the tradition has become bigger and more spectacular and as the years have gone by, the Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante has become part of the most popular in Spain, posing a strong tourist attraction having been declared a festival of International Tourist Interest.

The objectives of Alicante Attraction have consistently been met 100% and tourists that spend these dates in hotels at any of our more coastal areas can participate in the Bonfires of San Juan, both in the city of Alicante as well as in other tourist locations.

Bonfire in fire

Dozens of marquees are put up in different areas of the Alicante Capital and music, fireworks and mascletás (pyrotechnic firecrackers) do not stop throughout the days of the bonfire celebration.

For those looking for a more peaceful magical night, they have at their disposal any of our beaches where bonfires on the sand, magical ceremonies and acts of purification by the shore are the very essence of the shortest night of the year. 

In Benidorm, usually several bonfires can be found although for 2016 only one will be placed, the Bonfire of la Cala de Benidorm, with its corresponding marquees that offer non-stop fun throughout several days.

Those staying at any of our 8 hotels located around the Levante Beach area of Benidorm as well as those staying at the Servigroup Torre Dorada on the Poniente Beach during these dates will have within their reach the popular La Cala Bonfire.

In Peñiscola, the beaches also welcome the new season by means of several bonfires which people gather around before submerging their feet in sea water in order to purify themselves. All within easy reach for our guests of Hotel Papa Luna.

In the Almerian city of Mojácar, fireworks, bonfires on the beach and traditional sardines give shape to a unique celebration in this Andalusian town. A symbolic event for this magical night in Mojácar is the popular lighting of the town bonfire and its traditional fireworks. So for all of those staying at the Servigroup Marina Playa or Servigroup Marina Mar, we recommend that you enjoy this unique night of San Juan 2016 in Mojácar.

Bonfire in Mojácar

The entertainments team at the La Zenia Hotel carries out its own celebration on the beach, where clients can enjoy a wonderful experience surrounded by bonfires which are spread out along the La Zenia Beach.

The entertainments team from Hotel Servigroup Romana in Alcocéber also organise their own activity with their traditional bonfire on Cala Romana beach, at the same time, the Town Hall of Alcalá de Xivert promotes its spectacular bonfire on the Cala de las Fuentes.

Wherever you are, on the coast or inland, there are different ways to celebrate this fantastic night in which magic, fire, music, water and wishes define the emotional night of San Juan. 

If you are staying at any of our destinations, we’ll be waiting for you!

Images provided by Alicante Tourism Board et Mojácar Tourism Office.

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