San Isidro (Saint Isidore) long weekend break 2018

If you are passionate about the San Isidro fiestas, don’t worry it is not necessary for you to stay in Madrid this weekend, since from the Servigroup Hotels we also invite you to this great celebration, for you to celebrate it in style.

Specifically, from Peñíscola and Mojácar, you can enjoy this great Madrid fiesta in style, and for that we have added series of events for San Isidro for you to see, which without a doubt, will encourage you to enjoy this great Madrid tradition from the beach.

Therefore, if you are from Madrid, and you want to celebrate the patron saint and you enjoy these fiestas, but you want to live an authentic getaway for the San Isidro long weekend on the coast, we will help you to enjoy this festivity up close and enjoy it from another perspective.

Fiestas de San Isidro 2017

The San Isidro fiestas are always perfect to celebrate the definitive arrival of good weather. A climate that without reaching extreme temperatures, always promises a great long weekend, perfect to combine beach sessions with the best relaxation and the most overwhelming fun.

The concerts in San Isidro are another of the most characteristic factors in this long-awaited date for the locals. You can be assured that music will not be lacking in Mojácar and in Peñíscola during its festivities.


Getaway for the San Isidro long weekend in Peñíscola

Peñíscola beach front at the Hotel Papa Luna

The Patron Saint of the farmers will also receive the best of tributes, from the jewel in the crown of the Castellon coast, which is Peñíscola. The reason is, that this town on the coast of Azahar has prepared a series of activities that will help you enjoy it to the full, if you opt for Peñíscola for your San Isidro getaway.

During these days, if you are staying in our Hotel Papa Luna, you are assured to have fun, with the various activities programmed by the local council of Peñíscola, who have decided to produce its own San Isidro events, during the weekend following May 15th. Specifically, on Saturday May 19th when locals and tourists will enjoy a unique get together in the so-called Plaza San Isidro in Peñíscola.

Also, the little ones can enjoy the great celebration with activities and attractions like the bumper ball and a mechanical bull that will ensure they have a great time.

The evenings of this festival, will be livened up with the fantastic performance of Los Makis, a well-known flamenco ensemble in the province of Castellon. Following that the dinner will be served, known as pa-i-porta, then continuing with a great party of a mobile disco until the wee hours of the morning.


Travelling to Mojácar for the San Isidro Bank holiday

Views of the beach of Mojácar from the Hotel Marina Playa

In Mojácar, we also have the best offers for the fore mentioned holiday. In addition, from there you can count on an interesting program that is offered from our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa. And for another year, our town in the province of the Levante Almeria will once again celebrate its pilgrimage in honor of the holy farmer.

For this, the inhabitants of Mojácar will pay their particular tribute to the patron of the people of Madrid, on beautiful floats, accompanied by an emotional musical band. The route of the pilgrimage of San Isidro in Mojácar, consists of going from the town of Mojácar to Sopalmo, in the mojaquera district which also has an excellent tourist attraction.

This spectacular tribute, is usually held on the Sunday closest to the 15th May, so this year will take place on the weekend of 11th, 12th and 13th, the latter being the day of the emotional pilgrimage.

But it will be on Friday the 11th when the great typically Madrid party starts in Mojácar. It will be done in style and fun, with live music sessions, which will continue with spectacular fireworks that will illuminate the town and its beautiful beaches.


Who was Saint Isidore?

Pilgrimage of Saint Isidore in Mojácar

Saint Isidore (San Isidro), now-a-days patron of Madrid and saint of the farmers, was a humble orphan boy who from a very young age had to work in different trades to get ahead in the Madrid of the time.

Isidro was a humble young man, hardworking and with a great religious commitment, who stood out for his kindness, dedication and help to others. These qualities and his great humanity accompanied him throughout his life, which he dedicated at all times to his work as a farmer, to meditation and to his dedication to God. His miracles were also famous, so after his death, Pope Gregory canonized him as a saint in 1622.


The day of San Isidro is the 15th of May, but at our destinations, you can celebrate both the weekends of the 11th and 18th.

Do not miss the recommendations that we have presented for your getaway for the San Isidro weekend and enjoy this festivity on the beaches of Peñíscola or Mojácar in the hands of Hotels Servigroup.

What are you waiting for? Have you decided to celebrate San Isidro 2018 by the Sea.

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