Raphael in concert in Benidorm. Will this be your “Gran noche”

On Saturday the 15th of September Raphael will be in concert in the Benidorm bull ring.

An essential stop in this long emotive tour travelling from one end to the other of the country, always with the faithful support of the public eager to enjoy his concerts.

The name given to Raphaels tour is “Loco por cantar” (Crazy to sing) and it is a compilation of the most popular songs from the more than 50 years that this artist has dedicated to music.

Raphael has made his mark in the international market as a singer of ballads irreplaceable, characterized by his unique and soulful voice.

This concert will be especially symbolic as it will mark the end of the    musical events in Benidorm for the 2018 summer season with the performance of this authentic “music man” an acclaimed spanish singer of ballades considered a major influence from the 1960s decade.


Raphael: a unique artist who returns home

Due to the originality and emphasis of his dramatic gestures always present in his singing style, to this day it is impossible to compare him with any other artist past and present. All of this along with his unique lyrics results in Raphael being admired and loved worldwide.

For all of these reasons, it is a pleasure to welcome him once again to the place where his enormous success began 56 years ago when he was proclaimed winner of the Benidorm Song Festival. A great night where the whole of Spain along with the people of Benidorm celebrated the spectacular triumph of Raphael in 1962. And a Benidorm song festival which has become famous over the years and has served as a turning point for other talented singers such as the great Julio Iglesias.


A versatile career

Raphael began his career at the end of the 1950 s, a 16 years old adolescent whose mind was set on making a career in a business where many failed. To distinguish himself he adopted his own particular singing style from the beginning.

Raphael began his professional career by signing with the Philip Records, who advised him to use the ph for his artistic name Raphael rather than the Spanish spelling Rafael.

Raphael “Loco por cantar”

His first singles were Al ponerse el sol, along with authentic tributes to Mexico for example La Llorona and La Sandunga.

After his success in the famous Benidorm International Song festival he was chosen to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest the song “Yo soy Aquel” caught the attention of important international record labels. Although he did not win he gained a respectable 7 th position in Luxembourg which encouraged the organisation to present Raphael once again in Austria in 1967 with the song “Hablamos del amor” on this occasion the artist took 6th place. It was the first time that Spain had obtained a high position in the contest leaving the door open for victory the following year 1968 with Massiel and in 1969 with Salomé.

Following the popularity obtained in the Eurovision song contest, the tours multiply and Raphael performs in the acclaimed Madison Square Garden and the Olympia in Paris the most famous scenarios in the world. He performs with big international names such as Tom Jones, Paul Anka and Rita Pavone.

Raphael also began a lucrative film career appearing in eleven films that are still remembered and still shown on television. The most popular being “Mi gran noche”. El Golfo, Las Gemelas and Diga lo que digan.

Today at 75 years old he is the proud owner of the well deserved uranium album, 326 gold albums and 49 platinum. He has sold over 50 million copies and is still continues to reap success.


The concert tickets for Raphael in Benidorm

The tickets to see Raphael in concert in Benidorm can be acquired on the official web page, where you see the tickets available for each city.

Raphaels concert

For example, you must choose the option “Gira” (tour) and you can view all of the cities included in Raphaels national tour.

If you have still not decided, we recommend that you purchase your ticket as soon as possible as this concert is sure to sell out!

As we mentioned in an interior publication The "Operación Triunfo Tour" and Raphael s will only be appearing in Valencia and Benidorm in the area.


An excellent summer of concerts in Benidorm

Concerts are a fundamental part of the Benidorm Summers. Therefore each year our city anticipates great artists and groups of national and international recognition. We have had the pleasure of enjoying the charismatic Antonio Orozco, the extraordinary voice of Pastora Soler and the youthful energy of the kids of “Operación Triunfo” not forgetting the one and only Latin singer Ricky Martin. We have also been able to enjoy the Reggaeton Beach festival and the popular Low Festival.

Its almost time to say goodbye to summer and we are waiting for you at Raphaels concert on the 15th of September.

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