Five recommended places in Orihuela

Orihuela is a legendary city South of Alicante with a wide choice of cultural options on offer. Its churches, its quaint old quarters and an extensive historical documentation gives us an insight into how this town lived as a villa.Its extensive history, and its most traditional customs throughout different eras are impregnated through the streets of this old town.

But Orihuela is also popular for some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the province, which are very popular and attract tourists from all over the world all year round.

Tower of the Diocesan School

In this publication we will focus on some of the most emblematic and "mandatory" areas that just cannot be missed when visiting the classic and historic town of Orihuela. And this legendary city is located a few kilometers from the boundaries of the Region of Murcia. It is for this reason that the diversity and merging of cultures and traditions are some of the main attractions to been seen.

1 - The castle "San Miguel"

Orihuela castle is located up on the sierra of orihuela, in an area known as Monte de San Miguel and is amongst the oldest architectural monument’s in Spain.

The castle is believed to have been built in the Carthaginian period to protect the city of Carthago Nova, it also conserves Roman and Muslim remains, although it is suspected that the Iberians were the first to settle on the Monte de San Miguel.

Crowning the city and watching over the whole of the Vega Baja, are the remains of this fort which is in a completely ruinous state, although it is frequently visited by hundreds of visitors, especially during the weekends.

Today, numerous groups of oriolenses are working hard on a proposed project for total reconstruction of the castle, located on a hill that offers clear evidence of a very long and interesting history, though still with many loose ends to clarify and discover.

2 - Orihuela Cathedral

Built on the former Aljama mosque, also built on Visigoth and Moorish remains. It was built as a parish church, but was later converted into the main church in the thirteenth century.

In this cathedral stands its impressive cathedral cloister. But this cathedral reflects different artistic styles: The first two phases are both of the Levante Gothic style, followed by a Renaissance phase and another belonging to the Baroque.

In the nineteenth century, the main altar was re-designed in neoclassical style, but after the damage suffered in the civil war, it was again completely renewed to its original Gothic style.

Views from Orihuela Cathedral

3 - Convent "Santo Domingo"

Built in the sixteenth century and using marked Renaissance art, this spectacular monument was created as a home for the Dominicans. After the Papal bull of 1569 and the convent was transformed into Pontifical University, working as such until 1824.

With different facades defining its three doors, a central cloister surrounded by unique arches and a well-preserved church with a Baroque style organ very typical of the ancient Kingdom of Valencia, the Convent of Santo Domingo is today one of the most visited monuments in this city of the South of the Valencian community.

Convent Santo Domingo in Orihuela

4 - Museum "Miguel Hernández"

Very close to the Santa Domingo Diocesan College is the Miguel Hernandez House Museum.This building was home to the poet Miguel Hernandez ,and retains the furniture typical of the last century, the house keeps together photographs and paintings from important moments of his lifetime..

In this house museum there is a feature of a traditional well located in the middle of a garden, a barn and yard, a small orchard where there still remains the famous fig tree under which Miguel Hernandez used to sit and write.

This was actually a traditional type of farm house, very typical of the early twentieth century.

If you wish to visit the house of Miguel Hernandez Orihuela Museum the entrance fee is Free, this is one of the most popular and visited historical sites in the town.

Miguel Hernandez Orihuela Museum

5 - Fernando Loaces Library

Located in the central Plaza del Marqués de Rafal, Fernando Loaces Library is part of a huge new building, but built on the old condal palace Pinohermoso. It is a building where many original details have been preserved; certain elements of the facade have been rebuilt by the Ministry of Culture and Education.

It consists of newspaper archives and more than 500 documentary collections of magazines, newspapers and publications of official character.

Fernando Loeces Library in Orihuela also has an extensive consultation room where books are on loan, and internet access is free.

On the other hand, the original multimedia room is composed of more than 11,000 audiovisual documents and 2,500 documents in multimedia format.

Its monumental character makes the Fernando Loeces LIbrary one of the most beautiful cultural visits to add to your list when visiting Orihuela.

Public Library

Here is the first publication on a wide range of beautiful and interesting places you can see if you decide to come and visit.

Were waiting for you…!!

Images provided by Orihuela Tourism Office 

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