Mojacar and outdoor sports

We all know that the Costa Almeria is an ideal destination not only for its extraordinary hotel offers, its magnificent microclimate and its wide beaches. It also provides an excellent setting for everyone that is passionate about sport, especially that which is practiced outdoors.

Mojacar and its surrounding villages, create a magnificent sports environment which suits enthusiasts of all kinds, as well as tourists in all seasons. The most common practices, apart from cycling are motor sports, bowling, golf, paddle tennis, running, diving, hiking, and surfing but also includes athletics competitions, among others.

Golf course and sticks

A few days ago we devoted an entire publication to the sporting event of The Mojaquera which is an essential part of the Extreme Spanish Open; our cycling routes have become one of the most common practices for this wonderful land of Almeria. In fact, many professional and amateur groups meet annually at our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, where we are able to offer a, full service workshop, specialist massages and appropriate food to suit these elite athletes.                                                  

Cyclists in a race

Normally 3 types of Cycling are practiced in Mojacar: road, mountain and Triatlón. When combining running with cycling and swimming, our triathletes are able to make special use of various swimming pools in Mojacar and Vera and of course when conditions are favourable, our wonderful beaches and Mediterranean sea.

International cycling teams such as Team White, Movistar, ENDURA NETAPP Cycling Team and the Belgian Women's National Team, have taken many years in preparing their pre-season program, in terms of physical and technical preparation.

The most common and most recommended routes are the Sierra Cabrera, about 68 Km; which run through the town of Turre, Cortijo Cabrera and El Dondo, comprising of 43 km; which reaches Turre through Los Gallardos, 46 km; and other shorter ways passing the Devil's Path through the Observatory (16Km) or the mythical route that goes to the famous Cala Virgin (29Km).

The small amount of traffic in the area, among other factors already mentioned, also make motorcycling an ideal place to practice. In fact, the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa is used for the International presentation of the new features of BMW Motorrad. This means every year we welcome in Mojacar professionals, fans and journalists who want to see first-hand the new offers from BMW.

Motorcycling on a curve

A very common and popular route is the desert of Tabernas, which offers a ride of over 40 kilometres. Also located in the same desert is the popular racing circuit in which BMW Motorrad tests their bikes every year.

The practice of bowling, golf and paddle, also represent three distinctive and increasingly common sports on the Costa de Almería, Mojacar area.

Therefore Mojacar is increasingly becoming regarded as a paradise for bowling, hundreds of participants come to practice and enjoy this sport.

Golf courses and paddle courts are increasingly popular on the Almeria Coast, where we can offer an outstanding range of 18 hole golf courses and excellent paddle courts (both glass and wall) allowing our visitors and athletes the option of enjoying these elite sports in the best conditions.

Paddle player

As for running, although we use the word marathon to refer to runs over 5 kilometres in distance, Mojacar offers a great opportunity to also practice this sport in the best possible conditions. Among the traditional and classic race routes on Mojacar Playa, we can also recommend cross country routes reaching up to Torre Pirulico (12 Km); the route of Mojacar Playa (8 Km); and climb to the town of Mojacar (10 Km).

Mojacar and its surrounding areas are also an ideal place for hiking, because of the set routes which are fully approved and regularly checked to make this as ideal as possible. Although in this case we are not talking about a competitive sport, a number of highlighted routes are available for all levels of walkers, helping everyone the satisfaction of reaching their goals.

Crossing a bridge

Among the most common hiking trails we highlight, start from the mojaqueras beaches to the village of Mojacar (9 km), which runs along the wonderful coastline of Mojacar (12.5 Km), also you can find the exclusive boardwalk route (7 km), which rises from the beach to the tower Pitilico (9 km) or the classic route commonly known as RallyXCO City of Mojacar (5 Km).

Man practicing sport at sea

The excellent weather conditions and special features of this area, make diving a water sport fit to practice in any season. The dives are therefore suitable both in the warmer months and in the cooler ones. On the other hand, several diving schools are available in the area for any amateur or novice who wants to learn.

This is also similar with other popular water sports like paddle surfing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, Fly board, kayaking, snorkelling, catamaran sailing or motor boating. We offer a wide range of alternative sports which are becoming an increasingly common practice on our beaches. Some more common but also a large number of diverse water sports. With organised snorkelling trips, kayaking routes (in groups) or paddle surf competitions etc.

Scuba diver in the bottom of the sea

So with all these sporting alternatives available we offer a great deal for those who are not happy just to relax in the sun, but also enjoy walks and evenings out, great for everyone.

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