Our buffets will amaze you

At Servigroup Hotels, the hotel food plays a very significant part in our guests holiday enjoyment. We believe that a wide variety is the best offer and we want to amaze all our guests. Our Head Chefs spend time and effort creating menus to suit all palates. So that, every day and with great efforts, we prepare in our kitchens:

- A wide and tasty variety of salads. With all kind of vegetables and dressing that you can imagine.

- A different “paella” recipe every day: vegetables, meat, fish, fideua, arroz a banda, baked rice…

- In our Show Cooking, you can find a wide variety and excellent quality of meat every day (pork chops, lamb chops, beef steak, chicken, turkey…) and delicious fish (hake, catfish, trout…), they are cooked on the grill. You can serve all of this with the best vegetables.

- For all the guests’ who likes stews, in our buffets you can enjoy different types of stews like the ones of the house and also a variety of different soups every night.

- And why not, the Italian food: pizza with different toppings every night and pasta with different sauces.

- And definitely, you can enjoy our fantastic desserts like delicious cakes, jelly, rice pudding, custard, ice-creams and fruit. These are some of them.

We want to share some photos of some dishes you can enjoy on your next holiday.

We aim to satisfy all our guests’ needs by offering them different choices, so that in our hotels you can also find a vegetarian dish and our special menu for Celiac for which can be consulted. And if you travel with children or babies, we cover all your needs.

In addition, during summer, our guests can enjoy very special themed buffets*:

- In the hotels in Benidorm, La Manga and Orihuela Coast, you can try the Mexican, Oriental, Italian, Spanish Tapas, Seafood, Shellfish and Pastries & Cakes themed buffets.

- In the Hotels in Mojácar, you can enjoy the Mexican, Oriental, Spanish Tapas, Seafood, Shellfish, Pastries & Cakes and Andalusian themed buffets, with typical dishes of the area.

- The hotels in Castellón offer 8 themed buffets with very interesting options: Oriental, Italian, Tapas, Seafood, Deserts, Argentinian, Spanish Style Stew and Exotic, in the Servigroup Papa Luna, or Patés in the Servigroup Romana.

Likewise, due to the success achieved and after 25 years of excellence in our restaurants, in autumn-winter we also extend and renew our cuisine offering several of the themed buffets available in summer in the majority of our hotels.

*The buffets are subject to change and may vary in some hotels. For more information, please check with the hotel.

Our Quality department has established a self-control plan for food safety, by implementing the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). All the potential health hazards that may be associated with our production processes, are analysed and monitored through an integrated system of preventive actions, monitoring and verifications. Just like our quality management system our hygiene and health self-control plan aims to ensure food safety during the different stages of the food chain from assembling in our Central purchasing department to the presentation in our hotel buffets.

This ensures that our guests can enjoy food made with top quality products, from approved suppliers, in compliance with strict quality controls and requirements, following the current health and safety regulations.

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