Our SDD Formula to Reset Body and Mind 2016

We are facing 2016, a new year full of possibilities. Excited by the opportunity presented to us, we are determined to set new goals... to stop smoking and join the gym are the most traditional recurrent promises at this time of year, but sometimes, as time passes, we abandon them. And the story is full of new promises that are not met, one reason for this is perhaps because we set our targets too high.

The fact is that radical changes are not always the best choice because they add stress to our already busy lives; perhaps little habits set a more solid basis for reaching to be that new person we want to be.

Following this current Zen, we propose simple changes, achievable ones that are fun for a life change. The key to success is in these easy targets, once achieved, will encourage and help you to move towards larger ones. An action will take you to another and go from one level to another without realizing it.

Our perfect combination for a ten year summarized in the SDD Formula:


The rest will follow.

The excitement of new resolutions

Sport, number one purpose:

Water sports, golf, cycling, hiking, paddle... At Servigroup Hotels we are absolute fans and promoters of sport.

If you are not keen but you know that someday you will have to face it, it is important to start at a basic level until you find your preferences: walking; nothing easier, economical and effective. If you're from the city, leave the car away from work and forget the elevator. If you have a chance to walk along the beach, this is undoubtedly the best of therapies, and more so along sandy beaches like ours. In Benidorm we enjoy kilometers of clean, wide blue flag beaches, ideal to enjoy throughout all seasons.

But we have all types of paths, hiking trails in the mountains and the Serra Gelada or Puig Campana and Ponoig from the Font del Moli (Finestrat) will blow you away while you exercise. The Sierra de Irta in Alcocéber is also one of the most natural and scenic jewels valued for its several routes, such as the castles. Mojácar highlighted amongst the many routes, also has very picturesque scenery between water mills and the heritage of Islamic culture. In our hotels which are located there, they can give you all kinds of directions if needed for your hiking trails.

We suggest up to intermediate paddle, fashionable sport and fun. There are many track offers which are frequent to amateur championships. Moreover, as practiced in teams, it becomes a very social sport. Mojácar has at your disposal the Paddle Club Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa, in winter we organize local leagues where you can participate. Try it and you will be hooked.

If you are already a convinced athlete and you dare to go to the next level, try water sports such as diving, sailing, windsurfing, Flyboard, kayaking, snorkeling... a unique experience while enjoying the scenery. Mojacar, Orihuela or La Manga provide all these practiced watersports.

Another good option for these dates is cycling, in Servigroup we brag about being the best located for winter hiking and mountain biking. In our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa Mojacar are the latest in services for cyclists. Whether you're amateur or professional, we have experience and facilities tailored to your needs: bike garage, workshop, laundry room and conference rooms. We have had teams like Rabobank, Lotto or Movistar. In Benidorm you can also find important routes like the Sierra Bernia. Here we leave more suggestions: Hiking Cycling

If you like golf, Orihuela is your destiny. We have a wide variety of courses to choose from professionally designed, up to 19 holes.

Intelligent Diet

The term weight loss as New Year's resolution, besides not being very successful, causes failure through only mentioning it. Instead please think about improving our diet, adding little by little healthier products to our diet like chicory, beans, broccoli or mackerel products and discarding those that do not bring us any benefit (artificial sweeteners, soft drinks or pre-cooked products). The way of preparing the food also has a great influence, so we should use more the griddle pan and steaming, keeping away from fried foods, and instead of salt and oil, adding seasonings such as pepper, parsley, turmeric and thyme.

The shopping trolley is also healthier and economical if you shop in local markets and with seasonal products, it's fun and an interesting social event. The famous flea market on Sundays which is held next to the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm, with home grown fruits and vegetables, is among other curiosities.

One of our priorities in all our hotels is buffet care which we provide to our customers, where we can find a variety of Mediterranean dishes such as salads, rice, pasta, meat and fish on the griddle pan (show cooking), boiled vegetables, homemade desserts and lots of fruit.

In fact we at Servigroup have an active policy of recycling and training of our staff in this matter. Earlier this year a gastronomical event was organized at the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli in Villajoyosa, where we met the kitchen team leaders and 16 hotels for innovation workshops and healthy food, in order to be on the cutting edge creative developments, processing methods and healthier food security. We have in mind the trends, opinions and tastes of our customers, which has led to a continuous care in our restoration, our philosophy not in vain through the concept of Emotional Buffet, named after the connect with the target audience increasingly concerned about their health.

We look after you more than anybody. Check it out.

Healing disconnection

As professionals in the entertainment and leisure we can ensure that there is no happiness without those moments of relaxation that we all need to disconnect and return with more strength.

Take time for you and yours. Be accessible to your family, friends and colleagues. Call your mother more often, get a schedule to play with the children or ask your partner how his day has been.

Join meditation, practicing relaxation clarifies your ideas. Take advantage five minutes before getting up to visualize your goals and be grateful for the good things you have.

Become a fan of Wellness Centers, purify your body and spirit. A good circuit to make you feel like new, a spa should have at least Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and (massages, beauty ...) therapeutic treatments. The best examples of this are the Servigroup Montíboli, Servigroup Marina Playa, Servigroup Diplomatic or three of the seven hotels where we have created Servigroup Wellness, truly integral health and beauty areas. Because you deserve it.

Resolution of relaxation and accessibility

Aim to promise to travel more this year and to take every opportunity. There is nothing better than traveling to acquire experience, culture and rest; and it does not take a large intercontinental trip, just go outside our usual environment to change our perspective. Book a trip to picturesque and friendly places with good weather, dining and entertainment possibilities: Mojacar, Orihuela, Villajoyosa, Benidorm, Peniscola, Alcocéber salt... or just a Sunday to see one of the towns in your province. Alone, accompanied or with your family, but give yourself a break. It is as important as sleep. The mind clears and is better prepared to return to face the day.

Be consistent, if you enjoy, why not? We know what we are talking about. From Servigroup we wish you a fantastic year. Lets do it!!

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